Soccer for all ages and all skill levels
Digital Learning Tools
Local, regional, and national competition for elite teams
Coach Education and Develoment

We are a fantastic fusion of 250 + leagues and clubs, 30,000+ coaches and administrators 125,000+ players and their parents united in the promotion of soccer and the development of future generations.

Pathway to regional and national competitions

The Cal North Pacific Conference is a qualifier for regional competition and your chance at a national title

College Advisory Program

In addition to scouting opportunities, we offer a unique advisory program that helps players navigate their path to college

Player Insurance, Health and Safety, and more

We offer a comprehensive set of member benefits in addition to the most robust health and safety protocols in California to ensure the safety, health, and overall well being of players


SportsLab360: Playing into and off of the Front Line

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Cal North Partners with Pro-Am Beach Soccer

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Cal North Soccer Association Putting the Game Back into Players' Hands

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