Your Child's Soccer Age

      Learn how to calculate your child's soccer age. 

      In 2016 U.S. Soccer mandated that all player's soccer age be calculated utilizing their birth year. The mandate aligns soccer in the United States with the rest of the world in how the playing age of a player is calculated. 

      Why Is Birth Year in Soccer Used?

      The changes aim to support player development, more closely align with U.S. Soccer's Standards for Small Sided Games, simplifying the calculation for a player's age, and reducing the relative age effect (RAE is a selection bias towards players born earlier in the calendar year).

      How the Birth Year Calculation Works

      To calculate your player's soccer age, you subtract your child's birth year, from the end of the seasonal year. 

      For Example: 

      In the 2024-2025 seasonal year, If your child is born in 2010 and the seasonal year ends in 2025, the calculation is 2025 - 2010 = 15. Your child's soccer age is U15. 

      Soccer Age Calculator

      2024 - 2025 Season

      Playing Age Birth Year
      U19 2006
      U18 2007
      U17 2008
      U16 2009
      U15 2010
      U14 2011
      U13 2012
      U12 2013
      U11 2014
      U10 2015
      U9 2016
      U8 2017
      U7 2018
      U6 2019
      U5 2020
      U4 2021