CSLlogoCalifornia Select League

      Bringing together the best clubs in Northern California!

      California Select leagues in each area based on recreational programs under Cal North.  The Birth year age groups will be formed 10U, 12U and 14U(there will be an 11U division if enough teams apply)

      Player ID program from this league to highlight the best players and provide additional soccer opportunities to those players, known as Best XI.

      Select teams are formed in November/December of the current season.  This should be completed by December 16th (Holiday Break) so that any additional coach approvals, player approvals, redone rosters etc, can be completed and ready for the new year.

      Start league play the second weekend of January and run this until the first weekend of March. 

      2023 Winter/Spring Schedule

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      League Structure

      The California Select League(CSL) will be made up of Recreational Select players that have been chosen to teams after an organizations current in house recreational season.

      Once the league season is complete, leagues can choose their best players to participate in a league from January 2022-March 2023. Teams will participate in an 8 game season.  It is possible for this to be over 8-9 weekends or may be multiple games over 3-4 weekends.  The structures will be determined based on what is appropriate in each district. 

      Players will participate in  10U , 12U, 14U age groups in the CSL in their local districts and across districts.  There may be some cross district play based on proximity of teams while limiting travel distances.(There will be an 11U division if enough teams apply to that division)

      The CSL is an excellent opportunity for leagues to provide more playing opportunities for their players while creating a vertical pathway to competitive teams for players.  




      Open To

      Teams must be registered with a Cal North member league in order to be accepted. If not already registered, Cal North can guide you through the registration process. The team’s playing league requirement can be fulfilled by playing in Cal North affiliated and approved recreational leagues. 

      This league will form as a 10U, 12U and 14U boys and girls playing league.  The number of registrations will determine the number of teams in each division.  (There will be an 11U division if enough teams apply)


      Age Groups

      The CSL will be open to 10U, 12U and 14U Boys and Girls Recreational teams.  (We will add and 11U division if there are enough teams that apply)



      Competition Dates

      League Competition dates/weekends for the CSL will be:

      Saturday January 7th

      Saturday, January 21st

      Sunday, January 22nd

      Saturday, January 28th

      Sunday, January 29th

      Saturday, February 4th

      Saturday, February 11th

      Saturday, February 18th-20th Jr. Cup will be hosted during, Presidents day weekend.  It will be an open tournament for any 10U-14U recreational teams regardless of national affiliation.   No CSL league games will be scheduled to support this event.

      Saturday, February 25th

      Sunday, February 26th(make up date)

      ***In some districts, it is possible to play the league games over 3-4 weekends by scheduling multiple games in a weekend.  This will be determined district by district based on what is appropriate for that district. 






      Application Deadline

      All Ages and Teams:

      November 30th, 2022, or until brackets are filled, whichever comes first. Initial schedules will be released by December 15th.  Final schedules will be released December 22nd 

      Brackets will be filled on a first-applied, first-accepted basis once an online registration and payment in full have been received at the Cal North office.

      Rosters must be made up of players that participated in your leagues recreational program during the fall of 2022.  Clubs are not allowed to bring in players from other clubs to participate.  The only exception to this is 

      1. If the home club does not offer the program and

      2. If the players has permission from their club of record to participate.  

      CSL Team Formation Timelines

      California Select Team formation should begin at the end of November for all leagues.  Leagues should plan to have teams formed no later than December 10th. This will allow for the CSL to provide a timely schedule to begin a season on time for all players and coaches.  The proposed timeline is outlined below:

      November 15th - Deadline to apply and indicate your interest in participating(please note this can be withdrawn up until December 20th without penalty)

      December 5th-10th - CSL Rosters finalized

      December 15th - CSL coaches and league meeting to review all league details, start dates and potential adjustments to the season

      December 16th - League Schedules released to leagues.  

      December 16th-22nd - Change requests for dates submitted and completed.  There are no changes after this date except in the case of exceptional circumstances. Any withdrawls adjusted at this time. 

      January 7th, 2023 - League Season Begins




      Entry Fee

      $200 League Application

      Referees Fees covered by club

      Fields Fees covered by club

      Already covered as Cal North member - Player passes and Certificate of Insurance @ $11.25

      CSL Best XI Program

      The Best XI will be compiled based on the input of coaches following each game, as coaches will select the top performers from their opponent. Coaches will submit their Best XI selections directly into GotSport in the same area in which they submit game scores and information. At the conclusion of the season, voting totals will be compiled in the GotSport system to help create the Best XI teams.

      Best XI teams will be granted additional playing and training opportunities through CalNorth programming. 


      CSL Laws of the Game

      CSL Game Schedules

      Gotsoccer Schedules

      (Initial schedules will be released by December 15th) 

      CSL Benefits

      Following are the benefits to leagues that participate in the CSL

      • More soccer opportunity for recreational players
      • A connection between the recreational and competitive divisions of a club
      • A training ground for volunteer coaches to move up to higher levels of coaching
      • A developmental step for recreational players who aspire to move into the competitive environment
      • Additional club/league revenue for the organization