AssociationCup2022Association Cup Presented by Raley's

      Your state-level cup competition created for entry-level to mid-level competitive teams!

      Teams that played in a Cal North or other US Soccer approved fall playing league at the silver level or below may apply to participate in this tournament. Approved playing leagues are leagues affiliated through US Soccer, including but not limited to CCSL, NorCal Premier League, as well as Cal North District Playing Leagues. Each of our nine districts are eligible to host an Association Cup for their members using the link below "Association Cup RFP". The Association Cup hosts brackets in the U13, U14, U15, U16 and U19 age groups. Teams are considered for placement in brackets based on their eligibility and application date until brackets are filled . 

      Association Cup - Request for Proposal
      Association Cup RFP

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      Level Of Play

      Low Silver, Bronze, copper or high recreational comparable level league play.

      Open To

      ALL Competitive teams in northern California, which competed at the lower silver, bronze, copper or higher recreational level in the fall. Cal North will accept non Cal North player passes at this event. If needed, Cal North can guide you through the registration process.

      The team’s playing league requirement can be fulfilled by playing in Cal North, US Club, or other approved playing league. Approved playing leagues are all leagues affiliated through US Soccer, including but not limited to Cal North CCS, NorCal Premier League, or a comparable Cal North District Playing League.

      Age Groups

      Under 13, Under 14, Under 15, Under 16, and Under 19 Boys and Girls.

      Competition Dates

      ALL ages:

      The event can take place any time of the year, but high school participation is important to this event. Dates
      submitted will be approved unless a conflict is presented.


      It is required that the playing fields be located within a limited access complex no further than thirty (30) minutes
      travel time from the appropriate lodging facilities. The site must have convenient access from major highways in
      the area and with ample parking spaces for teams, referees, tournament officials, spectators, media and VIP’s.
      The Site must have space for a vendor village, hospitality tents or facilities, college coaches, referees and
      volunteers. While the event may be staffed by paid employees or contractors, it is expected that staffing by
      volunteers provided by the hosting group during the event will provide the bulk of services necessary. The host
      organization must provide an air-conditioned building, pavilion or trailer to serve as the onsite headquarters at
      each competition site. Furthermore, the host organization must provide equipment, supplies, etc. at each
      competition site and cover all associated costs for these items.

      Application Deadline

      All bids will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Upon receiving the bids, the California Youth Soccer
      Association will meet to review, compare, and score the bids. The California Youth Soccer Association
      representative(s), as part of the selection process, will conduct site visits to the qualified venue(s), as needed. Site
      visits deemed necessary by the California Youth Soccer Association staff are to be coordinated with the bidding
      organization(s) and all direct expenses are to be covered by the bidding organization(s) (e.g. mileage, hotel, per
      diem, etc.).
      Based on the proposal(s) submitted and site visit(s) conducted, final decisions will be made by the California Youth
      Soccer Association State Office.
      Once a decision is made, California Youth Soccer Association will advise the Host of their winning bid. The hosts
      who are awarded the event are required to enter into a Hosting Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding
      outlining the responsibilities of the Host.

      Entry Fee

      This will be up to the district. 


      Past Champions

      Coming Soon!

      Additional Information

      List of Applied Teams (coming soon)

      Event Schedule & Results Homepage (coming soon)

      Cup Directives, Rules, and Regulations

      Dates and venues are subject to change for circumstances beyond the control of cup organizers


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