Cal North Partners with NZ Consulting


      Spearheaded by three Harvard students with a passion for management and consulting, NZ Consulting services and Cal North have partnered to provide free resources designed to help leagues and clubs during the pandemic. 

      Sports programming in our children’s lives is of vast importance. Athletics plays a critical role in a child's development, socially, emotionally, and physically. The current pandemic has presented many challenges, but we hope that these resources will help our membership adapt to the socially-distanced environment we live in today. The pandemic has certainly forced us to discover new ways to add value to players and families, and you may find that these value-adds are worth keeping even after the pandemic passes.

      NZ Consulting services are offered pro bono. Member organizations are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. To get started, download the comprehensive slide deck that details their offer

      The value of NZ Consulting’s services is outlined in their slide deck where you will find guidance and additional resources. Specifically, the slide deck describes fourteen value-adds that leagues and clubs can consider offering their members. Recommendations that address field availability scenarios, distinctions between competitive and recreational teams during the pandemic, and more. This free tool is a model that can help your leadership team decide what works best for your league or club’s particular situation. Lastly, a Survey to Families and the Scheduling Hyperdoc are provided to aid with the implementation of the NZ Consulting’s recommendations. 

      Free Resource Download:
      Adding Value to Players and Families during the COVID-19 Era

      NZ Consulting offers a free tool as a model to help grassroots leadership teams decide what works best for your particular youth soccer league or club.

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