2021 Rule Change Proposals are Due January 15th


      We are very happy to announce that we are now accepting rule change proposals. Based on our democratic governance model, member organizations are entitled to submit proposed changes to the Cal North Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures, and Specific Rules. Proposals will be voted on by Cal North affiliated members next spring at the Cal North Annual General Meeting. This is your opportunity to make a direct impact on how Cal North works.

      Any amendments adopted at the Cal North Annual General Meeting become effective at the beginning of the seasonal year immediately following the Annual General Meeting.

      Any proposed change to the Constitution, and Bylaws, General Procedures, and Specific Rules must be electronically submitted no later than Friday, January 15th, 2021.

      Proposals may be submitted by:

      • A Cal North affiliated league
      • The Cal North Board of Directors
      • A Member of the Cal North Board of Directors

      Proposals from a Cal North affiliated league must be submitted by the League President.

      Modifications to existing wording should contain the following: current wording, current wording with revisions tracked, proposed wording, and a justification for the proposed change. Please identify the section being modified (e.g. Bylaw 2:02 Meetings). New proposals must contain a justification for the proposal.

      Submit Rule Change Proposal

      If you have any questions or issues with submitting your proposed changes, please send an email to the Cal North 1st Vice Chair at mrainville@calnorth.org and to the Cal North Rules & Revisions Committee Chair at sthompson@calnorth.org.

      Review our Rules

      You can find all Cal North rules and policies in the Governance section of our website. 

      Review our Rules-1


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