Cal North provides value to ODP members with the latest Trace video technology



      SACRAMENTO, CA (Jan. 17, 2023) - The 2023 US Youth Soccer Far West ODP Championships saw two Cal North ODP teams lift the regional title in Phoenix last week. Cal North alongside one of our premier partners, Trace, was able to capture important moments during the ODP Championships. 

      Trace has become an important tool to the Cal North Olympic Development Program as we are able to help players, coaches and parents with video. This asset promotes player development, where athletes are able to study, learn and improve by watching game film after their performance. Coaches are now able to go back to the drawing board and see what worked well during games and what needs to be worked on during training sessions. As for parents, capturing the moment for their kids is a memory that will last forever. We are happy to provide these resources to our members free of charge. 

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      "At Cal North we are proud to be up to speed with the latest technology and use it to our advantage," said Kevin Crow, Director of Player Development & Competitions. "Integrating Trace to our arsenal of resources for the ODP program allows us to provide that extra information after games so that both players and coaches can take their game to the next level." 

      Take a look at the following games that are now available to watch. Cal North captured and recorded 10 games and over 800 minutes worth of footage from the Far West ODP Championships. 

      Cal North ODP games recorded using Trace

      2006 Girls | vs Oregon | Group Stage | WATCH

      2006 Boys | vs Utah | Group Stage | WATCH

      2010 Boys | vs New Mexico | Group Stage | WATCH

      2009 Boys | vs Washington | Group Stage | WATCH

      2007 Girls | vs Cal South | Group Stage | WATCH

      2007 Boys | vs Hawaii | Group Stage | WATCH

      2006 Girls | vs Cal South | Semifinal | WATCH

      2008 Boys | vs Washington | Semifinal | WATCH

      2009 Girls | vs Cal South | Final | WATCH

      2006 Girls | vs Utah | Final | WATCH

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