How old do I have to be to be a GDF?

      A Game Day Facilitator has to be at least 13 years old. However if over the age of 18, you must complete your risk management requirements. 

      Do I need to complete risk management requirements?

      Age 18 and older must complete  “Live Scan, Safesport, Background Check, and Intro to Safety ” This ensures safety for players, parents, coaches and referees.


      If under 18 years old, please complete Minor Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure (Form 1660)

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      Will I get a uniform?

      On the day of the game, a coach will provide you with a pinnie and if possible an electronic whistle.

      Will I get paid as a GDF?

      Each host will offer their own incentives to do this program. 

      How much does it cost to become a GDF?


      What is the cost to the host?

      Instructor is the cost to the host. The host is responsible for paying for the Risk Management and hosting the “course/event.”

      Why a facilitator?


      A person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier.

      Can I assist with competitive games as a GDF?


      Policy 531-8—Assignment of Game Officials Section “Unregistered Referee in Emergency If, because of unforeseen circumstances, a currently registered referee is unable to officiate or does not appear for an assigned match, a person may then be designated at match time to act as referee in the emergency for that one match.

      How does the host organization set up to become a GDF?

      The host needs to create a new program registration through GotSport. 

      How to Set a New Program Registration in Gotsport


      Need additional help?

      Please Contact your Member Service Representative. 

      District 1-4: Dane Denkers


      Districts 5-9: Angelica Rangel


      Sample Flyer

      Sample Flyers

      English version

      Spanish version

      If you are a District or Club and would like a personalized flyer for your use, please contact Javier Arellano at jarellano@calnorth.org

      Interested in a GDF Course?

      Interested in becoming a GDF?


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