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      SACRAMENTO, CA (July 31, 2022) 

      Starting X1 -  Supporting Links 

      Cal North has put together the "Starting Eleven" most helpful supporting resources for our registrars! We have gone through the many supporting articles and links that cover vital information and processes within GotSport. As you read below you will find that these Starting Eleven support links will be key as we prepare for the upcoming 22/23 season. 

      I. Registration Hub

      Cal North has created a Registration Hub! As Cal North begins to prepare for the upcoming season, this page will help navigate our registration platform, GotSport.  This page will provide all the information needed to properly register players and administration for the 2022/23 season. This site includes training videos, many registration support links, and even steps on how to complete coaching requirements.

      Registration Hub


      II. Coaching Requirements

      All coaches and volunteers are required to submit the following requirements in order to be a coach or volunteer under Cal North. 

      Submitting User/Coach Requirements in GotSport Steps: 

      Intro to Safety


      Livescan (updates as of March)

      Background Check

      This is to ensure safety and protection of our players. The following links walk you through the process of how to submit each requirement into GotSport.


      III. Creating a Program Registration

      A program registration is what admins will use to create their online registration. If your organization does not do online registration for players or coaches, please disregard this section.  

      How to Create a Program Registration


      IV. How to upload Users into GotSport

      Below you will find steps on how to upload users. The button below specifically shows steps on how to upload for players, however the process is the exact same for any type of user whether it is a player, coach, or manager. 

      Uploading Players Steps


      V. How to Create Teams 

      Below is how a registrar would create teams into GotSport. This is usually the next step after your players are in the system. You will need to create your teams prior to building your teams within GotSport. 

      Creating teams in GotSport Steps


      VI. How to Register your Teams to an Event

      After you have created teams, you will then need to register for your event you will be participating in. For example, for districts participating in Pay to Play model (number IX below.)

      Steps to Register your Team for an Event


      VII. How to Create Internal Rosters

      If your organization does not participate in Pay to Play nor is registering to an event, and only wants to create internal rosters these are the steps a registrar would take. 

      How to Create Internal Rosters in GotSport


      VIII. Building Teams with Roster Builder 

      After you have created teams and have them registered to an event, you will then being the building process and start assigning players and coaches to teams. 

      Build Teams Steps


      IX. Pay to Play 

      Districts 2,3,4,7, and 8 are all participating in our pay to play model which allows members to pay for player registration fees prior to printing passes and rosters. Though Member Services has met with many of our members regarding the changes and process to do these, here is a link to show the steps on going through the Pay to Play model. 

      Pay to Play Steps


      X. How to Verify Birth Certificates 

      Here is how a registrar will verify birth certificates for players. 

      How to Verify Birth Certificates


      XI. Steps to Prepare for Season Transition if Using a Non GotSport System for Registration

      Though some organizations were already using GotSport last year, some are new to GotSport this year. This article covers many frequently asked questions that may come up during the transition. 


      Steps to Prepare for Season Transition from another Platform


      We hope you find these resources valuable and can utilize these steps to help prepare you for this upcoming season.



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