Event Recap: Cal North ODP at 2023 Friendship Cup in Portland, OR



      PORTLAND, Oregon (May 26-28, 2023) - The 2022/23 Cal North ODP cycle concluded with it's last event of the year being 2023 Friendship Cup on Portland, Oregon. 

      This event featured host state Oregon ODP, Washington ODP and Cal North ODP, offering additional competition to ODP players from three of the strongest ODP programs in the Far West Region. 

      Cal North ODP featured all 12 of the ODP teams in this event, making this the first event for the U12's (2011) and the last for the U17's (2006). What makes this event unique is the exposure that players get, drawing attention from USYS regional coaches and local Division I schools, such as The University of Oregon (Ducks), which were present at the event.  

      For the younger age groups, U12's to be specific, this event helps them get acclimated and familiar with the ODP program and serves them as a first-time in traveling with other players from other clubs. 

      For this event, Cal North recorded games using Trace to provide game-film for coach analysis and player development. Not all teams were recorded this weekend, but you can enjoy previous recorded games from the Cal North ODP program at the 2023 US Youth West ODP Championships in January

      WATCH: 2011 Boys vs Washington 

      WATCH: 2008 Boys vs Oregon 

      WATCH: 2006 Girls vs Oregon

      WATCH: 2009 Girls vs Oregon

      See team photos below from all of Cal North teams that attended the 2023 Friendship Cup in Portland, Oregon. 

      Cal North ODP Teams at the 2023 Friendship Cup in Portland, Oregon


      2011 Girls (12U)

      Head Coach: Trisha Gonzales
      Assistant Coach: Jang-Ha Oh
      Team Manager: Hilda Corcoles


      2011 Boys (12U)

      Head Coach: Jeremy Williams
      Assistant Coach: Alexander Lis
      Team Manager: Benjamin Kamm


      2010 Girls (13U)

      Head Coach: Garrett Morgan 
      Assistant Coach: Michael Galvan
      Team Manager: Korynn Najera


      2010 Boys (13U)

      Head Coach: Lee Dunne
      Assistant Coach: Thomas Plummer
      Team Manager: Dervis Gencer



      2009 Girls (14U)

      Head Coach: Bryan Holland
      Assistant Coach: James Adranly
      Team Manager: LaNell Como


      2009 Boys (14U)

      Head Coach: Ramiro Rodriguez 
      Assistant Coach: Carlos Gonzalez 
      Team Manager: Ajaya Rana


      2008 Girls (15U)

      Head Coach: Jonathan Scoles    
      Assistant Coach: Kimberlee Gonzalez  
      Team Manager: Paulina Gonzalez


      2008 Boys (15U)

      Head Coach: German Plaza
      Assistant Coach: Mason Webb
      Team Manager: Oscar Inclan


      2007 Girls (16U)

      Head Coach: Jason Carter   
      Assistant Coach: Jessie Berta  
      Team Manager: Kristal Luna


      2007 Boys (16U)

      Head Coach: David Briceño
      Assistant Coach: James Pierce 
      Team Manager: Francisco Flores Quezada


      2006 Girls (17U)

      Head Coach: Kristopher Hall
      Assistant Coach: Theresa Castaneda
      Team Manager: Laura Diaz


      2006 Boys (17U)

      Head Coach: Benkay Kajihara 
      Assistant Coach: Anthony Villegas
      Team Manager: Scott Lahde

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