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      : Angelica Rangel, Cal North Member Services & Marketing Specialist,

      CCSL-2SACRAMENTO, CA (Updated March 6, 2024) 

      CCSL is Here! ⚽⚽⚽

      As we are all excited for games to kick off this weekend we wanted to make sure everyone has the necessary resources and opportunities offered this season. We look forward to another exciting season and cannot wait to hear and see players back in action this year! 


      Team Chat 💬

      Communication needs to be made sooner and more frequently than initially anticipated prior to the season beginning. Cal North greatly appreciates you using the team chat function in GotSport if you have been up to this point. We would again like to encourage those who need to reach out to a club that has been trying to communicate to do so. It is important to let a team know well ahead of time if there is a match that needs to be rescheduled. While of course emergencies arise, they are rare. Due to the field and referee shortages, clubs are paying fees that they cannot get back if they are forced to postpone an event at the last minute. If Team Chat is not something that comes easy to you, or you are having trouble accessing it, please feel free to reach out to Dane Denkers in Member Services and he will assist you in contacting the team directly.
      How to Use the Team Chat Function with GotSport


      Roster building/Match Cards/Payment 🖨️

      Please build your rosters and pay for passes in the "23/24 - Cal North Registration Passes & Rosters event NOT the CCSL event. Remember you registered your teams to the Passes & Rosters event first before registering to CCSL. This event acts as a roster source for CCSL, meaning any changes you make to the Passes & Rosters event will auto-update the CCSL rosters for your printing of match cards. This will ensure that match cards for the CCSL event are populated with all registered players, coaches, and managers. Make sure to print out these match cards ahead of time as we enter round 1 of play on Saturday 3/16. Please reach out to Member Services you have any questions regarding these procedures.
      How to Print a Match Card
      Creating an Event Roster as an Admin
      Submit and pay for your players and staff

      Scheduling and Venue Resources 📅

      By now, you should have all began to schedule and reschedule games, however here are some additional articles for support. 

      How to Create a Venue and Add Pitches

      How to Self-Schedule as a Coach/Manager


      Submitting User/Coach Requirements ✅

      All Coaches and Managers on a roster MUST have all requirements complete. 

      Should be complete before any interaction with players (including practices)

                                                          LiveScan Steps  Intro to Safety

                                            Background Check Steps   Safesport Steps


      Game-day Procedures 📝

      • Your roster should be up to date in GotSport
      • Both teams bring match cards - home team brings 2 (1 for ref)
      • Player check-in/cards should be a transparent process for referees, coaches and managers
      • If there is an issue or question, forward a copy of the match/game card to Cal North (
      • Scores should be input by the home team within 48 hours

      How to Enter/Upload a Score from a Team Account


      Incident Report - What’s it for? 🔎

      Examples of use:

      • Cancelled without notice
      • Abandoned or terminated matches
      • Games not played due to no show or not enough credentialed players
      • Games not played due to no credentialed adult
      • Mass confrontation or issue on the field
      • Serious Injury

      CCSL Game Incident Report Form

      Rules & Procedures 📖

      Rules to be Aware of:

      • Guest Rule (same age/same club)
      • Blowout Rule (U10 and under Bronze/Copper divisions)
      • No Heading for Players U12 and younger
      • Valid Reasons for Reschedules

      Find rules at under “Rules & Procedures”


                                                                                     Rules Procedures



      Seeking Cal North Support 📩

      It is extremely important that we do not wait until the last minute to seek guidance from the State Office at Cal North. Asking for help at 4:45PM on a Friday is going to create chaos as our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM. If there is anything urgent you need to get done ahead of a match week, it is strongly suggested to make a request to your Member Services representative before it is too late. We are happy to help, but some things take time and can't be solved immediately right before the office closes on a Friday. We appreciate you understanding and contacting us well ahead of the weekend in order to work with you to answer your questions.


      We hope everyone enjoys their first weekend of CCSL and kicks the season off with a great start! ⚽


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