Membership Benefits:

      Risk Management

      Certificates of Insurance

      • Insurance
        • Liability
        • Excess Medical coverage for registered players and coaches

      Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance

      Requests are acknowledged only from California Youth Soccer Association Inc. affiliated Members. For the 23-24 season, the fee is $25.00 per certificate. Certificate(s) must only be used for sanctioned events. Members are required to be in good financial standing from the previous year in order to receive a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Member must already have submitted Affiliation for the current year and be approved by the State and District. Members is required to register or plans to register players for the current year to receive their certificate(s). Cal North will not be accepting requests from members who are not registering players.

      Staff Support

      • Cal North has dedicated Member Services representative to support each member organization with

      Membership with US Youth Soccer

      League Play!

      Olympic Development Program

      Olympic Development Program
      State ODP is administrated at the State level by the Cal North Program Manager and Technical Director. All information regarding State ODP will be posted on the Cal North website.


      Young Olympians Program

      Young Olympians Program

      The Young Olympians Program, also known as Cal North YOP was designed and launched in 2019 for the players that are a year younger than those trying out for the State ODP teams.


      Coaching Education

      Learn about our two coaching pathways to licensure, Grassroots and Pro, both available online and in person to eligible individuals.

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      Making Soccer Available To Everyone

      TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based recreational program specifically designed for participants of all ages with intellectual, emotional, and or physical disabilities. The program strives to provide soccer opportunities for players in a safe, fun, and supportive/inclusive environment.


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      Game Day Facilitator

      Serving the Recreational Game

      The Game Day Facilitator will oversee recreational youth soccer matches to make sure there is a safe, fair and enjoyable soccer environment for players, coaches and spectators. 

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      Cal North is proud to partner with some of the most caregiving, creative, and recognized companies in the United States. From passionate local businesses to regional corporations to worldwide brands, Cal North strategically aligns with more than 10 organizations in order to bring value to all of our members.
      At Cal North, our philosophy is to create meaningful relationships between our partners – lifting your product or initiative through a diverse set of strategies to attack all parts of your marketing funnel.

      Cal North Soccer Alliance

      The Cal North Soccer Alliance was formed between identified leadership within each organization that have the same common goals. Cal North being a non-profit is here to bridge the game between the youth and the pros by supporting four USL professional teams in Northern California, which is something unique in the country. The goal of the Cal North Alliance will be to promote all of the games throughout media outlets and find common goals to help support the community. We are cognizant and sensitive to our current youth soccer landscape, therefore our framework and foundation is not to create competition opportunities with existing membership.


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