U.S. Soccer ITC Process Update




      U.S. Soccer is on track to implement agreed upon ITC updates that were designed after
      collecting direct feedback from over 65% of membership via our membership survey and during
      more than ten 1:1 meetings with member organizations’ leadership.

      We’re confident that these updates will bring several benefits to our members including:
      Decreasing the number of impacted players, getting more kids on the field to play
      Enabling quicker turnaround times on U.S. Soccer responses and approvals
      • Providing clearer and multilingual instructions, giving parents, coaches, administrators,
      and players more direction

      The update process would focus the process on clubs and players who self-select as ones on the
      pathway to being a part of the professional or global soccer ecosystem. The accompanying
      presentation has been previously shared with a subset of stakeholders, but we wanted to
      provide it again as it presents the clearest overview of our ambition to create the designation of
      a ‘Pathway’ club.

      This month, we welcomed Shari Summers, our Chief Soccer Growth Officer and in September,
      we will welcome a Chief Product Officer; both will play important roles in supporting these
      improvements. As we look to finalize other changes to our processes and technology, we are
      asking members to begin identifying those ‘Pathway’ clubs. In the near-term, clubs can expect
      the following:
      • We will provide a clear process and mechanism for clubs to opt-in as ‘Pathway’ in the
      coming months
      • We will make an announcement, and share an updated ITC webpage, providing
      necessary details and FAQs in multiple languages
      • We will provide a one-pager that can be distributed directly to players’ families

      View Updated ITC Process Presentation

      U.S. Soccer is confident that the positive momentum will continue as we look to make soccer
      more easily accessible for all. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.
      Please contact memberprograms@ussoccer.org with any questions or feedback.

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