Event Recap: 2022 US Youth Soccer ODP Far West Championships

      PHOENIX, AZ (Jan. 7-10, 2022) - One of the most important events in the West Region for state associations to compete directly against each other took place earlier this month. Cal North, among the other 13 state associations, participated in the annual US Youth Soccer ODP Far West Championships in Phoenix, Arizona. This was the first ODP Championships event taking place after the 2021 event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

      Cal North successfully put together five boys teams and five girls teams in 13U-17U age groups. These teams were filled with some of the most talented players in Northern California who came together from different clubs to represent Cal North.

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      Olympic Development Program: 2021-2022 State Player Pools

      SACRAMENTO, CA - After three successful tryout dates during the months of August, September and October, the 2021-2022 state pools have been announced. 

      The Players listed below will continue to train together and prepare for upcoming tournaments & events, including the 2022 ODP Far West Championships in January. 

      2005 Girls

      Bahia, Arpan
      Barth, Jillian
      Bettencourt, Julia
      Bustamante, Aaliyah
      Cavitt, Marlee
      Cox, Brooke                                                                                                                                                                               
      Cresswell, Savannah
      Cuellar, Isabelle
      Drew, Caitlynn
      Elbeshity, Halah
      Estrada, Emily
      Etcheverry, Stella
      Farber, Ellie
      Ferry, Avery
      Flores, Sofia
      Franks, Zoe
      Grundland Lanuza, Sydney
      Hartfield, Zoey
      Houlihan, Alyssa
      Hubley, Dana
      Jimenez, Brenda
      Juarez, Madison
      Ledesma, Elizabeth
      Liaty, Samantha
      Lindstrom, Julia
      Macknicki, Zoe
      Montesinos, Lily
      Moseley, Bailey
      Obermeyer, Kyndra
      Pineda Aliamus, Paige
      Reed, Melanie
      Rodriguez, Isabella
      Saucelo, Jaden Nicole
      Savig, Alyssa
      Schoennauer, Kennedy
      Schoennauer, Landry
      Schroeder, Lexi
      Stiner, Regan
      Stockton, Lauren
      Sulzberg, Leah
      Turnbull, Sophia

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      Olympic Development Program: 78 Cal North players are named to West Region pools

      SACRAMENTO, CA (Aug. 9, 2021) - After regional camps in June and July, US Youth Soccer released the list of the players that have made the West Region pools. The players listed below will have the opportunity to be selected to compete at the upcoming US Youth Soccer ODP Interregional events in November. The Boys event will be held from Nov. 16 - 20, while the Girls event will be Nov. 20 - 24. Both events will be taking place in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to all 78 Cal North players that made the list. 

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      What is the Olympic Development Program?

      The Cal North Olympic Development Program (otherwise known as ODP) provides players the opportunity to compete in quality competitions against other state association ODP teams, exposing players to college coaches, and regional/national team coaches for further advancement.

      The Cal North Olympic Development Program is directly affiliated with the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program formed in 1977. The Olympic Development Program is a national identification and development program for players of the highest-level. Each state association identifies and develops youth players throughout the country to represent their State Association and the United States in regional, national, and in some cases international soccer competitions.

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