Cal North Reveals New Logo & Branding for CCSL



      SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 4, 2023) - Cal North took one more step in the right direction today by revealing it's new logo & brand identity for the Cal North Competitive Soccer League, also recognized as CCSL. 

      The new CCSL logo reflects the commitment Cal North has with all of it's nine districts across northern California captured in a modern shield. 


      The new CCSL logo provides an update to the old CCSL logo that was used for many years. Cal North conserved several details from the old logo such as the Cal North logo & color scheme. The new logo features a new text font and an emphasis on the northern California Grizzly bear, which represent our beautiful state. 


      Alongside the new logo, Cal North would like to state it's commitment to the CCSL slogan that we adopted two years ago: Play Local. Stay Local.

      CCSL Slogan

      Play Local. Stay Local. is the CCSL slogan that was adopted with the intention of having clubs and teams play within their districts. This model would offer shorter driving distances & encourage meaningful competition without the need to travel hours across northern California for a soccer game. The more local clubs involved in each district, the more benefits the players & families will receive. 

      CCSL District Branding


      We have several clubs already committed to participate in CCSL for 2023/2024 season and will be announcing them in the coming days.  

      Cal North is now accepting registrations for the 2023/2024 CCSL Fall season. If you are interested, visit for more information. 


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