Cost: $0

      Where: Cherry Island 

      When: April 10, 2022


      Guiding Philosophy:

      Support the USYS Vision; To bring communities together through the power of soccer, making lifelong fans of the sport.
      And Mission; To provide world-class support, resources and leadership, helping every member fulfill their goals on and off the field of play.

      Strategic Priorities:

      To help all kids find their passion for the game
      To allow all kids to feel a part of a national effort
      To celebrate all players with all levels of skill
      To Fuel Soccer for Life!

      League America is:

      An overarching brand meant to capture the spirit and ethos of our recreational and grassroots soccer members
      A pool of resources, housed within USYS University, that provides tools and resources that allow State Associations to create and support grassroots and recreational programming
      A branded foundation upon which State Associations can graft their own programming, resources, tools and education elements
      Free for State Associations to use

      US Youth Soccer United Cup:

      We want the recreational player to feel special and have fun! The United Cup gives US Youth Soccer State Associations another benefit to bring even more service to current members and a tool to use in increasing membership enrollment.


      Getting Started FAQs

      How is it Free?


      You must be a Cal North registered member to be eligible for this free event.

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      When will this event take place?

      April 10, 2022

      This event will take place 4/10/22 so make sure to register and get your teams out! 

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      How to register?

      How to Register: 

      Steps to Register in GotSport for League America


      GotSport link:

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      Registration Deadline

      April 4, 2022

      Who has applied?

      Click below to view other teams that have applied for League America: 

      Team Applications for League America

      What is the format?

      9v9  Rules

      3 games 

      There will be no referees, however if needed we will provide a GDF (Game Day Facilitator.) 

      11v11  Rules

      3 games 

      There will be no referees, however if needed we will provide a GDF (Game Day Facilitator.) 


      US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules

      FIFA Laws of the Game


      Where is Cherry Island?

      This event will take place at our Cherry Island Soccer Complex located in Rio Linda, CA. 

      Cherry Island Sports Complex

      Is this a Tournament?

      No, this is not a tournament. The format will be 9 v 9 and 11 v 11.  This is a way to help players of all levels of skill can come out and find their passion for the game, while creating a sense of community who loves the game! 

      Are there standings?

      There will be no standings for this event.

      Have a Question?

      Have a question that is not listed above. Please feel free to reach out and someone from our Member Services team will be reaching out soon.