2023 Cal North Annual General Meeting

      The 2023 Cal North Annual General Meeting will be taking place April 23, 2023 virtually at 7:00pm PT. We will be sharing more information with our membership as we get closer to the date.

      All delegates participating in the AGM virtually must RSVP by April 16, 2023.

      RSVP is now OPEN for 2023 Cal North AGM
      2023 Cal North AGM | RSVP

      Information Ahead of 2023 Cal North AGM

      List of Voting Members

      The list of voting members will become available soon. 


      The 2023 Cal North Annual General Meeting will be virtual. RSVP now for updates. 

      2023 Cal North AGM Agenda

      Coming Soon


      If you have questions regarding the 2023 Cal North Annual General Meeting, please contact support@calnorth.org


      Can I vote by sending in my vote?

      No, Proxy voting is not allowed, per the Constitution #1:07:04

      What is a quorum?

      Constitution 1:07:05 A quorum shall consist of any number of members present at the Annual General Meeting.

      What is the majority to pass new business?

      Constitution 1:07:06 In the event there are two or more rule change proposals, or resolutions that are to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting of the California Youth Soccer Association that conflict with each other: the rule change proposal that receives the greatest number of “yes” votes shall prevail providing that it receives a two thirds majority of those voting. In the case of resolutions that conflict, the resolution that receives the greatest number of “yes” votes shall prevail, providing that it receives a majority of those voting.

      Will there be system to vote?

      No. The Secretary will take a roll call, for each vote.

      I'm the League President and I cannot make it?

      The designated voting individual can re-assign his or her responsibilities to another designated board member within the  individual's organization. An example of this can been seen here

      I have not RSVP, can I attend and vote?

      Yes, please make sure you check at 7:00pm via roll call and credentials 

      Am I eligible to vote if I paid my league affiliation 2021/2022?


      How do I make a Motion?

      "In order to make a motion, please message Damon James using Zoom chat. The motion should be in the following format: "Name, Member Represented, I move that...."

      Is there a clean copy of the proposal?

      Yes,  Click here

      Zoom Backdrops

      Cal North has created the following Zoom backdrops and recommends anyone that will be attending the AGM call to use them. 

      CLICK HERE to download your backdrops! 

      CYSA Year In Review Booklets

      2022 Cal North Year In Review Booklet will become available January 2023. 

      Below you will find the 2021 CYSA Year In Review Booklet: