US Youth Soccer Grassroots Symposium Presenters Announced




      The Grassroots Symposium is September 30th-October 1st and the schedule of workshops and presenters has been announced. The workshop will feature 20 workshops that address topics related to program development with schools and communities, working with municipalities, fundraising and development, best practices for program design, referee development and more. There will also be a Lunch and Learn session on Saturday, so that individuals will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas with certain organizations.

      We hope that you will have representatives attend and also promote this with the soccer groups in your state.

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      Upcoming Event: 2023 Cal North Beach State Cup

      Cal North Soccer will be hosting the 2nd Annual Cal North Beach State Cup in August after becoming the first US Soccer Youth Association to declare a State Championship for beach soccer last year. Cal North has always been a major supporters of the sport and are proud to offer this Cup to our membership. This year's Cal North Beach State Cup will take place at Ocean Beach @ Balboa St. in San Francisco, CA. 

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