U.S. Soccer: 3rd Annual Disability Soccer Month Webinars


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      U.S. Soccer's Disability Committee and Adapt and Thrive Working Group Present the 3rd Annual Disability Soccer Month. Join U.S. Soccer for 2 live zooms events this week.


      Today: Wednesday, December 7th at 8pm EST (Coach / referee / administrator event)


      Wednesday link - https://ussoccer.zoom.us/j/91740248727pwd=YVZBcVZDYTc4WTFlc2RuYmFValZDUT09


      Meet leaders of U.S. Soccer’s Disability Soccer Organization members. Also meet players from ALL of our organizations and hear them speak about how coaches, clubs and administrators can do a great job with athletes of ALL abilities. 

      AND / OR 

      Sunday, December 11th at 12 noon EST

      Sunday link - https://ussoccer.zoom.us/j/91740248727?pwd=YVZBcVZDYTc4WTFlc2RuYmFValZDUT09

      Player event - Make sure your athlete has a ball no matter what space they have. We will be playing on Zoom with some of the TOP disability athletes in the country. All players and levels welcome, but come to play! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND JOIN IN. 


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