SportsLab360: Passing Combinations


      This month's theme is on passing combinations. It will be available through the month of April exclusively to Cal North members at no cost.

      We are constantly looking for new and valuable content and resources. Our partnership with SportsLab360 has helped us in that effort. Each month, in partnership with SportsLab360, we provide an accessible, practical, organized, and easy to-use program that is focused entirely on tactical development. 

      Here's how it works: 
      Assign the SportsLab360 modules to your team and players, customize the content to suit your style of play, track the scoring of your players, and even tap into the library of session plans that they offer.

      The overlap and the give-and-go are two types of passing combinations that commonly take place in soccer.

      This module will teach players what they are, how to recognize them, and how to properly execute them! 

      As always, the module concludes with a quiz to challenge your Soccer IQ and review what you have learned.

      Here are three available modules you can share with teams this month:

      7 v 7

       9 v 9 

      11 v 11

      SL360 April Module Graphic


      Learn more by visiting SportsLab360

      SportsLab360 modules consist of three parts: A video, lesson, and quiz. The video utilizes real game film to introduce and illustrate the tactical concept. The lesson is an interactive experience that presents the players with 3D-animated scenarios and challenges them to make the "right" decision. The quiz includes 5 questions to review and check for understanding, and helps coaches identify potential tactical areas of development.



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