Cal North and SportsLab360 Announce New Partnership

      We are incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with SportsLab360 that will provide you with quality resources to help continue player development.
      SportsLab360 is a new online platform that is focused on the Soccer IQ component of player development. It's made up of individual modules focused on various tactical themes. Players work through these modules to gain a mental edge over their opponent. Now more than ever, it's important that we continue to find ways to develop in the absence of conventional training, and we are excited to offer this resource. 
      As a coach, you can assign the SportsLab360 modules to your team and players, customize the content to suit your style of play, track the scoring of your players, and even tap into the library of session plans that they offer. The image included below provides an overview as to how exactly the platform is used at the team level. 
      SportsLab360 at a Glance
       As a Cal North member, you will receive exclusive access to one SportsLab360 module per month, which we feel will have a tangible impact on a player's ability to read and understand the game. And, you will also have access to subscribe to the platform at a 20% off discount with code 'CALNORTHPROMO8'

      We are excited to share their content with you over the coming months, and we encourage any clubs, teams, and individuals to take advantage of the Cal North discount available.

      Learn more by visiting SportsLab360 online

      SportsLab360 modules consist of three parts: A video, lesson, and quiz. The video utilizes real game film to introduce and illustrate the tactical concept. The lesson is an interactive experience that presents the players with 3D-animated scenarios and challenges them to make the "right" decision. The quiz includes 5 questions to review and check for understanding, and helps coaches identify potential tactical areas of development.



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