¡Pura Vida! Two Cal North ODP teams are headed to Costa Rica for an international trip



      SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 29, 2023) - Cal North is excited to announce that the 2009 Girls & 2007 Boys ODP teams will be traveling to Costa Rica for 7-day international trip from April 3rd thru the 9th. This international trip will feature a unique experience consisting of sport, cultural and outdoor recreation activities in one of the most beautiful & tropical countries of Central America. 

      The Cal North Olympic Development Program has been doing international trips for several years now, providing selected Cal North ODP teams the opportunity to explore different countries. Last year Cal North ODP teams traveled to England & Spain. This year, it's ¡Pura Vida! in Costa Rica.

      Below is the list of players that will be making the trip:

      2009 Girls Cal North ODP - Costa Rica Trip
      2009 Girls Team - Brennan, Arianna
      2009 Girls Team - Chang, Angela
      2009 Boys Team - Chavez, Julian
      2009 Girls Team - Darling, Malerie
      2009 Girls Team - Lopez, Seraphina
      2009 Girls Team - Gates, Hailie 
      2009 Girls Team - Gonzalez, Ashley
      2009 Girls Team - Graham, Berit
      2009 Girls Team - Hall, Stella
      2009 Girls Team - Krason, Leah
      2009 Girls Team - Nevares, Janel
      2009 Girls Team - Scarborough, Sydnee
      2009 Girls Team - Staples, Rylie
      2009 Girls Team - White, Alexis
      2009 Girls Team - White, Norah

      2007 Boys Cal North ODP - Costa Rica Trip
      2007 Boys Team - Andersen, Wesley
      2007 Boys Team - Aparicio Hernández, Alex
      2007 Boys Team - Bucio Romero, Andrew
      2007 Boys Team - Grandmaison, Leo
      2007 Boys Team - Hernandez Romero, Moises
      2007 Boys Team - Homer Silva, Lenin
      2007 Boys Team - Koehler, Hayden
      2007 Boys Team - Kowli, Krish
      2007 Boys Team - Larrus, Brayden
      2007 Boys Team - Leiva Santiago, Jack
      2007 Boys Team - Limon, Sebastian
      2007 Boys Team - Plaza, Antonio
      2007 Boys Team - Rizvi-Neuman, Elan
      2007 Boys Team - Snavely, William
      2007 Boys Team - Wehling, Jacob

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