Cal North Teams Up with Meta Ray Bans: A Futuristic Blend of Sports and Technology


      ODP  Meta Ray Bans

      Sacramento, Calif. (February 15, 2024)In a groundbreaking partnership that merges the worlds of sports and technology, Cal North is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Meta Ray Bans Sunglasses. This exciting venture marks a significant step forward for Cal North, promising a thrilling fusion of innovation and athletic excellence.

      This past weekend, in Morgan Hill, CA, Cal North's Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams hosted a series of ODP friendlies against Portland Timbers, Portland Thorns, Oregon ODP, Colorado ODP, and New Mexico ODP. It was here that Cal North unveiled the cutting-edge Meta Ray Bans to players, ushering in a new era of capturing sporting experiences.

      The Ray-Ban Meta collection combines the latest in wearable tech with authentic Ray-Ban design, to keep you connected wherever you go. THE NEXT STEP OF SMART EYEWEAR. 

      Meta AI is a conversational assistant that you can prompt by simply saying, “Hey Meta.” No need to unlock your phone or “press and hold” for assistance. With a few words, the new smart glasses can make calls, send texts, control features, and find answers for those random questions that pop into your head throughout the day. 

      Temple-tip speakers have higher max volume, double the bass, and better directional audio, so you can get lost in your podcast, playlist, or phone call without bothering the people around you. The five-speaker setup provides immersive audio, which renders sights and sounds through your smart glasses exactly as you would experience them in person. 

      In the outer corner of each lens is a discreet, ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera that produces bold images and videos. The improved cameras record 1080p videos of up to 60 seconds, which you can share with your contacts using AI and a quick voice command. The most exciting feature Cal North is excited to use is the LIVESTREAMING CAPABILITY. 

      The redesigned smart glasses charging case offers a sleek silhouette on the outside and a powerhouse charging station on the inside. A single charge can provide up to 36 hours of use, so wherever you go, you can feel confident knowing your Ray-ban Meta glasses are up for the challenge. The next generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses is here.

      The introduction of Meta Ray Bans into Cal North's sporting landscape opens up a realm of possibilities, where athletes can immerse themselves in the game like never before. One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the seamless integration of Meta Ray Bans into the fabric of sporting events. During the ODP friendlies, players had the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of these futuristic eyewear by adding an extra layer of excitement to the weekend's proceedings.

      Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as Cal North and Meta Ray Bans continue to push the envelope and shape the future of sports and technology.


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