Introducing Cal North’s New College Advisory Program


      We are very proud to announce the launch of our new College Advisory Program that will provide fact based guidance and advice for high school aged students and parents. The College Advisory Program was developed to help families successfully navigate the college application process, from the initial research stage all the way through to signing a letter of commitment with the right college fit. Through our new program, soccer players will have an affordable option that will provide them with the support they need to maximize their college opportunities and make a healthy college decision. 

      The college application process, especially as an athlete, can be very challenging and complex and our College Advisory Program Manager, Dana Taylor, is the perfect advisor to help you through those challenges. Dana Taylor is a college admissions expert that has decades of experience assisting players and parents through the admissions process. Check out this video to meet and learn more about Dana.

      How the College Advisory Program Works

      The College Advisory Program is a guided process that allows parents and students to work at their own pace. Throughout the process parents and students will be presented with expert advice to navigate the recruitment process, as well as guided sessions with Dana. Topics that will be covered include:

      • Assistance in understanding financial aid options such as FAFSA
      • One-on-one advice on a multitude of available soccer scholarships
      • Resources and assistance to help students write the most effective resume and cover letter
      • How to create a quality highlight video
      • Information on GAP year programs and much more!

      We know that each family’s financial situation is unique. So we’ve put together the most comprehensive program available. We hope that this program is of value to our leagues and clubs, as well as to our parents and players. If you have questions regarding the program, please leave them in the comments section below. For more information and to sign up visit the College Advisory Program section of our website

      Enroll online and maximize your college opportunities
      Whether you are a freshman or senior in high school, the College Advisory Program will help. →

      College Advisory Program


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