California Department of Public Health: Guidance for Youth Sports


      On August 3rd, The California Department of Public Health released COVID-19 Interim Guidance for Youth Sports to address youth sports statewide. The document provides pertinent information for all youth sports programs to support a safe environment. 

      What is Permitted:

      Youth sports and physical education are permitted only when the following can be maintained: 

      1. physical distancing of at least six feet; and 
      2. a stable cohort, such as a class, that limits the risks of transmission.

      Activities should take place outside to the maximum extent practicable. 

      What’s Not Permitted:

      Based on the guidance provided, outdoor and indoor sporting events, assemblies, and other activities that require close contact or that would promote congregating are not permitted at this time. 

      For sports that cannot be conducted with sufficient distancing or cohorting, only physical conditioning and training is permitted and ONLY where physical distancing can be maintained. Conditioning and training should focus on individual skill-building (e.g. running drills and bodyweight resistance training) and should take place outside, where practicable. Indoor physical conditioning and training is allowed only in counties where gyms and fitness centers are allowed to operate indoors.

      ​For more answers to the most commonly asked questions, please review the FAQ created by ​the California Department of Public Health

      We know that this is an extremely difficult time, and appreciate everyone’s patience and diligence in keeping our kids safe. You can be assured that Cal North continues to plan soccer programs and will be ready to launch those programs once we are cleared to do so. With your cooperation and continued support, we look forward to providing safe and rewarding soccer opportunities for our membership.


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