2022/2023 Cal North ODP Player Pool: 2006 Boys



      NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (October 26, 2022) - Cal North Olympic Development Program is excited to announce the 2006 Boys Player Pool for the 2022/2023 year. These players have taken another step in their player development pathway as they will be training & competing with some of the best players in Northern California to further enhance and develop their game. 

      Cal North ODP player pools will continue to train in the coming months as they prepare for the 2023 ODP West Championships in January, where only a select few will make the travel team to represent Cal North against the other states in the West Region.

      Below is the 2006 Boys team roster for the 2022/2023 ODP season. 

      2006 Boys

      Avina, Alexander
      Balica, Alec
      Begovic, Alen
      Brusellas, Ethan
      Busette, Alaix
      Clemons, Harlem
      Contente, Benjamin
      Cruz, Rudy
      Dominguez Cessna, Leonardo
      Figueroa, Skyler
      Gandluru, Mohit
      Hofmann, Alexander
      Kremer, Hakuto
      Kroeger, Torben
      Lee Olson, Owen
      Maciel, Rafael
      Malhi, Amar
      Mathews, Sekou
      Medina, Jorge
      Meneses, Armando
      Miller, Jeremy
      Napoles, Anthony
      Rascher, Daniel
      Rivadeneyra, Sebastian
      Rolf, Adam
      Ross, Collin
      Sanchez, Daniel
      Sarellano, Martin
      Serrano, Miguel
      Villasenor, Diego
      Vue, Gabriel
      Wurzer, Bailey
      Xia, Kevin
      Xiong, Kongmeng

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