The Two Groups Will Work Together to Provide Education and Guidance to Youth Soccer Clubs and Parents

      CN-SPCal North Soccer Association has partnered with the Soccer Parenting Association to provide valuable resources and information through online and live educational opportunities. If you missed the two educational webinars held exclusively for Cal North parents and coaches on March 21, 2021, click on the link below.

      Webinar Videos

      Additionally, clubs affiliated with Cal North will receive discounted access to the coach and parent education platform: Soccer Parent Resource Center. The website is dedicated to educating youth soccer parents and coaches. You will find interviews, live webinars, articles, courses, and short videos discussing issues related to youth soccer players such as mental performance, sideline behavior, injury prevention, Laws of the Game, tactics, technical development, college recruiting, best practices for sports parenting, and much more. 

      Being a soccer parent has its unique challenges, and the Soccer Parent Resource Center is here to help. If you are a parent or coach, you can gain access for $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year:

      Soccer Parent Resource Center

      “Our mission is to provide a fun and safe soccer experience at all ages and abilities for the youth soccer community,” said Cal North’s Executive Director Marley Wilson. “Soccer Parenting provides a resource for both club leaders and their parents that support this mission. This partnership will help us continue to promote a standard of behavior that leads to a positive and healthy atmosphere for all participants in the game.”   

      The Soccer Parenting Association seeks to improve the experience for youth soccer players by engaging and supporting the players’ parents on topics related to the Body, Mind, Coach, Parent, Next Level and the Game, as well as providing education for coaches to establish positive relationships with players and parents.

      “The investment Cal North is making towards positively affecting the lives of soccer players, families and dedicated coaches in Northern California is commendable,” said Founder of the Soccer Parenting Association Skye Eddy. “We are proud to work with Cal North and are encouraged by their commitment to improving the youth soccer landscape in the state.”


      The Soccer Parenting Association believes that the top priority for all youth sport organizations should be a positive youth sporting experience where all children feel inspired, develop important life skills and establish healthy habits they will take with them for life. For more information, visit


      If you are a club leader interested in a Club Membership for a discounted price of just $300/year, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to communicate your interest and learn about onboarding for your club.


      • Complete access to the Soccer Parent Resource Center for all the parents and coaches in your club.
      • Coaches will find quarterly live educational webinars, engaging educational opportunities related to establishing strong relationships with parents and players to support player development, and access to our private coach education interview series with some of the top youth soccer minds in the United States and Europe.
      • Your club can facilitate "The Sideline Project," an engaging 15-minute online course for parents and coaches regarding appropriate sideline behavior. It provides parents a comprehensive understanding of the difference between supportive, distracting and hostile behavior so coaches and clubs can better ensure a positive sideline culture. Parents receive a Certificate of Completion they can present to the club.
      • Club leaders will be invited to quarterly online meetings for our Club Members that bring some of the strongest leaders in the youth game together for an educational session complete with opportunities to connect, share best practices and engage on important topics related to parent engagement, sense of community, coach education, and more.