2022 List of Cal North players named to West Region Boy's ODP Camp


      Boys ODP Regional Camp 2022-1

      Several Boys from the Cal North ODP program got together for a picture at 2022 ODP Regional camp. Photo courtesy of Gina Castañeda

      SALT LAKE CITY, UT (July 13-16, 2022) - Cal North Olympic Development Program (ODP) had several players invited to the 2022 West Region Summer ID Boys Camp. 

      The camp was able to provide additional training and mentorship from regional staff & a competitive environment with some of the best players in the region. 

      Players invited were identified in events such as the ODP Far West Championships that took place in January and the Portland Timbers Friendship Cup, which took place in May. 

      2005 Boys 

      Andy Alpizar

      Montgomery Carey

      Tobias Jacobson

      Shawn McKinney

      Adam Montero

      Alvaro Jr. Picon

      Daniel Yoon

      Alejandro Benavides-Garb

      Manuel Cano

      Zach Giles

      Dominic Miller

      2006 Boys

      David Apolinar

      Tiko Moodie

      Zach Ryan

      Joseph Chalwin

      Blake Harding

      Hakuto Kremer

      Jorge Medina

      Jeremy Miller

      Nolan Rittenberg

      Carter Tseu

      2007 Boys

      Luke Georgeson

      Alexis Lopez

      Alan Magana

      Martin Strasburger

      Michael Borovikov

      Jaden Campos

      Collin Farley

      Zaine Rocca

      Ling Alexander

      Arte Ortiz

      Ronan Rattigan

      2008 Boys

      Stanley Chen

      Bilal Cotter-Norwood

      Nicolas Cortez-Reyes

      Emmanuel Harris

      Maxwell Nguyen

      Michael Tse

      2009 Boys

      Brady Barthmaier

      Cristiano Briceño

      Dylan Hunt

      Christopher Muñoz

      James Tate

      Christian Trelles

      Jonathan Yepez

      Zeiher Marcus

      Kung August

      2010 Boys

      Charlie Wachs

      Harrison Boyce

      Chase Taylor

      Cruz Tomori

      Daen Hansen

      Daham Yoon

      Emmett Sturm

      Hudson Man

      Luca Kim

      Zachary Gourlay

      Zayden Mohammad Ishak

      Nikola Zezelj

      Erthan Elliott


      ODP Tryouts for 2022/2023 

      Tryouts for the 2022/2023 year will be taking place on August 14, September 11 and October 9 at Mistlin Sports Park. 

      Register for the upcoming Cal North ODP tryouts HERE 



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