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USASA names Jeff Staben Region 4 Referee of the Year

August 9, 2012 02:49 PM

It is with knowledge of the credit that Jeff Staben brings to the work he does for the game and for the officials that we are proud to announce that he is the Region 4 Referee of the Year.  Jeff will be honored at the AGM later this year and will represent not only CNRA but the entire Region as the best of the best in the 14 States that make up Region 4.  The USASA is represented in over 50 State organizations and also includes PDL, Women's Premier Soccer League and the W-League.  The USASA is involved with such Cups as the Donnelly Cup, and the Veteran's Cup.

Each year, each State within each Region nominates an official that represents the quality of character and accomplishments that are indicative of what we value in our soccer officials.   The Region 4 staff have selected Jeff Staben from all the submissions to represent our Region at the AGM.  The National Staff will select from the 4 Regional Referee's of the Year one individual to represent all officials that are involved in Adult soccer.

Jeff is responsible for assigning for the San Francisco Soccer League.  He also officiates, assesses, and instructs.  His contributions to the game are clear and evident in that he selects qualified officials to officiate some of the best and most challenging matches in California North.  Additionally, his commitment to supporting officials by allowing them to grow  with their experience level has created an environment that has attracted officials.  He is considered by many to be an assignor that expects the best from the official each time and will provide the official opportunities to improve their skill and technique.

Jeff played soccer with the San Francisco Vikings Club. He transitioned to officiating in the 1990's where he officiated a wide variety of adult and youth games earning him respect from other officials as well as the players and coaches.  Jeff reflects the best in all of us for his dedication to the game and his tireless efforts to promote opportunities for officials to be successful.

All of us in CNRA, CSAN, and Cal North are proud that the Region 4 Referee of the Year is Jeff Staben.

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