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How To Apply To A Tournament

  • Find an Event:
    • Select an event you wish to participate in with your Cal North soccer Team
    • Select the Tournament menu item and then click on to the "Tournament Calendar" link.

  • Is this event a good fit? :
    • Be sure you select an event that offers the level of play your team is accustomed to competing with and that will not risk your team’s eligibility for any future state level events.  If your team is at recreational status, and you intend to participate in Founders Cup, please review the Founders Cup rules before participating in a competitive level event.
    • Once you have selected an event you wish to participate, you should visit the event website to obtain the Tournament Application and review their rules.  If you have any questions regarding their application and selection process or rules you can contact the event director via email or telephone.

  • What are the Tournament rules and what should I expect them to provide?
    • The event rules should provide you with the following information: (You can find detailed information regarding these specific topics in the Tournament Rules and Guidelines posted in the Documents & Forms section of the Cal North website)
      • Tournament Name
      • Tournament Dates
      • Name of Hosting League
      • Name, Address, Phone Number, and e-mail address of Tournament Director
      • Statement that tournament has been sanctioned by the Cal North Board of Directors
      • Age Groups/Gender/Tournament Classification
      • Location
      • Minimum number of games
      • Format
      • Scoring system used - specify maximum points allowable and how points are accrued
      • Consolation and Championship game information
      • Awards information
      • Entry fees
      • Application Information and Deadline
      • Refund policy
      • Withdrawal policies
      • Cancellation policies
      • Acceptance and Rejection Policies
      • Guest player policy
      • Credentials requirements
      • Housing and Hotel Information
      • For Unrestricted or Out of State Tournaments include any rules specific to Cal North
      • Infraction Information

  • Application Process:
    • Apply to the event using the application they provide to you along with payment and any supporting documentation they require.
    • Once you have applied to an event, it is reasonable to expect some return communication from the event director.  Don’t wait until the last minute and then scramble to get information.  Follow up in a timely fashion to be sure they have received your application and fees.  If necessary, refer to their rules and double check the Application and Deadline dates.

  • You have been accepted, what happens next:
    • Do not wait until the last minute if you intend to use Guest Players.
    • Do not wait until the last minute to file the Notification if you are traveling to an Out of State US Youth Soccer Tournament (File date must be 1 day prior to travel) or a Non-US Youth Soccer Tournament.  (File date must be 5 days prior to travel). Both forms have specific information regarding this process.
    • All required forms are posted on the Cal North website for your convenience, simply log on to and visit the Documents and Forms Center.

If you wish to have additional help in the application process, please feel free to contact your District Tournament Coordinator or the Cal North Office.


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