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Registration for CCSL Spring League 2014 is now open!

February 3, 2014 09:15 AM


Teams must apply for CCSL Spring League online using the GotSoccer application for the Cal North District where they register.  Links to Spring League applications for each district can be found in the CCSL section of the Cal North website at

Teams will participate at the same age group as their fall 2013 season

Team Fees:
Spring League fees and method of payment will vary by the District where teams reside and register and club policies.  Some Clubs will collect fees from teams for CCSL Spring League; others will require that you pay your fees online at the time of application.

Please contact your Club, League or District Administrators for details regarding new player registration and team application fees.

Play Dates:
Teams will play a schedule of 8 to 10 games.
Play dates will be Late March through May and may vary by region.
Games may be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Spring League Philosophy:
CCSL Spring League is a developmental season for boys and girls.  Our goal is to allow maximum roster flexibility, providing opportunity for teams to try new players, new formations, new opponents, with an emphasis on player development and participation.  There will be no awards in Spring play and results will not be used for fall seeding.
Brackets are formed to balance geography and competitive levels - lower level teams (Copper and Bronze) tend to be geographically clustered (close together), while higher level teams tend to travel to find more competitive level of play.

Team Rosters:
Teams may participate with their fall 2013 rosters or with “Paper” or “Secondary” Rosters.  A Secondary Roster may consist of previously registered players from different Cal North teams and or newly registered players, so teams with early tryouts can use their new players for Spring League. 

Secondary Rosters cannot be used for Cal North tournaments.  Please check with your league registrar for more information on Secondary Rosters. 

Teams will also be allowed guest players for Spring League games.  Guest players must be registered with the same Cal North Registration League as the participating team.

U8-U10 teams will play 8v8 with modified fields and rules.
U11-U19 teams will play 11v11 for CCSL Spring League.

This information is posted at the website under CCSL Spring Season.  Communications regarding CCSL Spring 2014 Play (rules, schedules, game day instructions) will be emailed in February, so please stay tuned!

Happy New Year!




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