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How To Start a TOPSoccer Program

Have a Mission Statement:

To promote the growth of TOPSoccer by providing educational and practical support to Region IV members and encourage local affiliates to start and/or grow TOPSoccer programs in their communities.

Getting Started:

  • Identify person/persons willing to coach and/or administer program
  • Contact State Association Chairperson to discuss questions/information regarding starting a program
  • Set time, place and date of first parent meeting

Flyers for School Districts/Regional Centers:

  • Flyers for distribution to schools, regional centers, support group should include contact information and time, date, location and directions to meeting site
  • Include general information regarding the TOPSoccer program in your league, or state association
  • Submit flyers for approval by your TOPSoccer Chairperson as well as school districts and other appropriate agencies.

Prior to a Meeting:

  • Confirm meeting location and attendance of State TOPSoccer Chairpersons to help you
  • Arrive to meeting at least 30 minutes early for set-up and questions
  • Have all state association registration forms available as well as any additional information for the parents available.

Parent Meeting:

  • Discuss mission statement and your objectives
  • Inform parents regarding cost, time, date and place of practice/games
  • Discuss how your program will be run and communication with parents/coaches
  • Recruit volunteers

First Practice:

  • Contact parents, volunteers and coaches to verify first day, time and place of practice
  • Confirm volunteer and coaches arrival at site 30 minutes prior to start of practice
  • Have player equipment ready for distribution
  • Greet all players and introduce them to coaches/buddies
  • Start practice on time

Additional Contacts:

  • Resource Center and any outreach program that assist parents of players with special needs
  • Newspaper
  • League newsletter

Helpful Information:

  • Volunteers
  • Cost of program
  • Cost of equipment
  • State Chairperson/District Commissioner
  • Donations

For more information please contact: Carolyn Rafferty, TOPSoccer Chairperson for Cal North at:


1040 Serpentine Lane Suite 201
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Office: 925.426.KIDS (5437) Fax: 925.426.9473

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