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Offensive Language and Physical Contact

Offensive and vulgar language is always unacceptable.  Coaches and Administrators should model good communications skills. Language that is denigrating in nature, content or tone or refers to one's gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or religion is unacceptable.

Inappropriate language, including language targeting officials, opponents, players, or spectators may be grounds for player penalties or removal of adults from the game and/or premises.

Physical contact should be limited to that necessary and appropriate to teach a skill, treat an injury, console or congratulate a player. In the instance of teaching a skill, minimal contact should be involved and none which places the adult in a position of power or intimidation.

A participant (other than a parent or legal guardian) being alone in a one-on-one situation with a player is inappropriate. If an adult is alone with a player then the adult should do so in a visibly public site.

There are those participants who are expressive by using their hands to give a pat on the back, a rub of the head, or other acts of touching to show appreciation or indicate a job well done. In a public setting those acts, when not done in an overly familiar manner, are understood.

There should never be such touching in a one on one situation. Even the hint of inappropriate contact with a player may be enough to create the impression of inappropriate contact with children. Participants should act in a defensive mode so that there is no air of impropriety.

During an out-of-town tournament a non-parent/custodian adult shall not share any sleeping arrangement with a player or players. Adults must respect the privacy of players. Adults must provide privacy to players in changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

Suspicious behavior by an adult or claims of a sexual nature shall be reported to the District Commissioner. Cal North will, when warranted, investigate claims and report the findings to the Board of Directors along with a recommendation to the Board Chairman and/or counsel.

Molestation can be real, or the allegation can be a tool of revenge. Molesters can be registered at the local police department or they can exist for years without detection. Checking through records may or may not reveal a molester. Therefore, it is everyone's concern to deal with this issue.

It is Cal North's and US Youth Soccer Association's goal to exclude participation by those who have committed violent crimes or crimes that may bring an unnecessary risk to the health and well-being of the participants. Cal North will not knowingly allow the participation of anyone that has a history of molestation or other criminal activity wherein the health of kids may be jeopardized. On the other hand, Cal North will preserve individual rights and not allow for unjustified pursuit of rumor based claims on a person's character. The same standards will also apply to those criminal records which may reflect on an inability to work with other individuals or kids.

Keeping the quality of participants with the best interest of the kids at heart is everyone's business. Everyone who participates on behalf of Cal North has certain responsibilities in this regard.

The responsibilities of all Coaches and Administrators include:

  1. Report any alleged improprieties about other participants to a league representative, who in turn will pass the information onto Cal North.
  2. If there are rumors about your conduct then please consult with a league official.
  3. Complete the Employee/Volunteer/Contractor/Participant Disclosure form and return it to the local registrar before participating in Cal North sponsored activities.
  4. Complete the required disclosure form, and fingerprinting process.

Cal North's Official responsibilities are:

  1. Investigate charges of molestation or of a convicted molester or criminal though records, interviews and officials, as well as consultation with counsel.
  2. Determine whether participation would or would not be in the best interest of Cal North objectives for the kids.
  3. Provide a right of appeal consistent with PIM 08-3.


Coaches, referees, and other participants are in a unique position to help kids challenge themselves physically and mentally. Unfortunately, some adults may consider participating for other reasons. It is Cal North's intention that this does not occur. If a participant has retained counsel then there shall not be any communication with the participant. Communications on these issues shall remain confidential. Any questions from parents or the media shall be referred to Cal North.


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