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League and Club Administrators

Background checks are mandatory for any adult rostered on a team that may or may not have access to children.

In order to facilitate meeting the above mandate, leagues should fully familiarize themselves with the process. Please visit the “Coaches and Administrators” section to view info on the process from a coach’s perspective, and view the League and Club Administrator information below. Please note: Coaches who have not completed this process will not be rostered to a team. Cal North’s Data Management System prevents any coach who does not meet the risk management requirements in the system from being placed on any roster of any kind (including official and draft rosters).

To meet the needs of Cal North’s leagues, Capital Live Scan can be scheduled for local events sponsored by the League. To schedule an appointment, please contact Capital Live Scan directly. Please make sure to view the calendar of already scheduled events below prior to contacting Capital Live Scan.

If you are following up on results, please contact the Cal North State Office. Capital Live Scan will not be able to provide you information regarding results entered into the system. Before contacting the Cal North State Office, please make sure you have the following information ready: (1) Adult ID number, (2) full legal first and last name, (3) date of birth, (4) and the date scan was completed.

Please note, a spreadsheet of all results not entered into the system and reasons for those results not being entered, will be made available to your district registrar. League Registrars can request a copy by contacting the district registrar or the Cal North Office. League Registrar’s can use this spreadsheet to make any needed adjustments necessary for those results to be entered.  

Cal North Pass/Fail Criteria

All California Department of Justice criminal history reports are assessed based on the criteria below.

  1. No information received back from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) concerning a conviction or arrest report is a PASS.
  2. A conviction reported by the DOJ for crimes of violence, crimes against children, sex crimes, or possession of an illegal substance for intent to sell, shall be a FAIL.
  3. An arrest reported by the DOJ for crimes of violence, crimes against children, sex crimes, or possession of an illegal substance for intent to sell, shall be a SUSPENSION until the case is resolved and reported. At that time a PASS or DENIAL/FAIL will be determined.
  4. Any other information reported back from the DOJ, not fitting the absolute criteria specified in (b), will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


The Appeals Process

When the California Department of Justice (DOJ) reporting results in a FAIL or SUSPENSION decision, a letter of suspension or denial, including a copy of the DOJ report, is sent to the adult.

An adult with a 'denied' status has 14 days from the date of the letter to submit a letter requesting an appeal. The adult can bring court records stating information has been expunged, no longer on probation, letter of recommendation from court that they are no longer at risk, etc., to the appeal meeting.

This in-person appeal meeting will be conducted by the Chairman and/or First Vice Chair.

An immediate decision is made on suspension. Decision may be:

  • A permanent fail
  • To advise the adult to resubmit after their record has been expunged
  • To advise adult to be Live Scanned again in a year and re-reviewed

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