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Coaches and Team Administrators

All new adult coaches need to register in the official Cal North Data Management system as an administrator and have an approved background check entered in the system prior to being rostered to a team. The preferred and highly recommended method of registration is via the online process. Registering at the state level must be completed at least once. Doing so will  provide the coach with a user name and password which ensures access to tools offered to account holders in the system; including searching and registering for courses and events, updating user account info, printing out completed forms, licenses/certifications awarded upon completion of a Cal North Coaching Course, and reviewing rosters.

Coaches must go to an approved Capital Live Scan vendor to have their prints processed in the most efficient manner.

How Do Coaches Register in Cal North’s Data Management System?

To register in the system, please visit the Cal North Data Management System and follow the following steps:

  1. On the main Cal North Data Management System landing page, please click on the “Cal North Risk Management Registration” registration link in the right hand column.
  2. If you are a returning user, you can login with your existing account. If you are a new user, please use “Option 2” and press the “Create New Account” button at the bottom.
  3. Once you have established an account (please make sure to use your full legal name on all documents and forms) and logged in, press the “Continue” button at the bottom after you are done adding any new players or other Parent/Guardians if necessary.
  4.  Click on the “Register as a Coach/Admin” button in the right most column on the row indicating your name. 
  5. A new window will appear, in the Play-Level drop down list, select “Risk Management”.
  6. Complete all fields in the form that is displayed, and press the “Save” button at the bottom.
  7. The new window will close, and you will be able to press the “Continue” button.
  8. Agree to Electronic Legal Agreement.
  9. Press the “No Payment Due, and Continue” button at the top.
  10. Press the “Print Receipts and Forms” button to obtain your “Request for Live Scan Form”. You will need to present this form to the Capital Live Scan vendor that will be processing your fingerprints.

Should a coach not have access to a computer that is internet ready, the coach must fill out form 1650 and provide it to their league registrar.  The league registrar will then manually add the adult as an administrator to the system. Please note, this process is not recommended. Manually adding an adult to the system will not allow the adult to take advantage of the tools offered to account holders in the system, and will result in a delay in processing.

Where Should Coaches Have Their Fingerprints Processed?
Upon registering in Cal North’s Data Management System as an administrator, and printing out their Request for Live Scan Form, coaches can either go to a league sponsored event or an approved Capital Live Scan Vendor.

Please contact your league for information regarding upcoming league fingerprinting events, or view the calendar of upcoming events. If your league is not having a fingerprinting event, please visit the Capital Live Scan website for details on local vendors in your area.

Please make sure full legal names, and dates of birth on all documents and forms are used as required. Failure to submit accurate information will result in delays in processing. Additionally, coaches should request a copy of the completed request for live scan form if they are visiting an approved vendor, and fax the completed form to the fax number indicated at the top of the form.

Coaches who are minors do not need to complete a background check, but must submit form 1660 to the Cal North State Office. All approved 1660s are valid until the minor turns 18 years of age, at which point they will need to be fingerprinted.


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