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Please use the League Directory to locate a league within the area in which you live. You will need to contact the league in your area directly to register your child.

All registration documents and forms can be found below. The Cal North Membership form (form 1601) must be completed if the league in your area does not offer online registration. 

If you are a parent/coach interested in participating on a team, you must complete Cal North's Risk Management requirements, and register as an Administrator/Team Official in our system. 

Approved Registration Forms

Below are the most up to date approved registration forms. For a list of other approved revisions that may still be circulating, please make sure to download from below and view the Approved Registration Forms List. If you have any questions or cannot find a registration form please contact Emanuel Lusca,, at the Cal North State Office for more information. Please make sure to search the complete Document Center for your form prior to requesting it, as your form may be in a different Form Category.

Document Description Post Date
Team Roster Change In Status .PDF Document Form 1606 Rev. 6/2015 - For release and transfer requests. Jun 19, 2015
2015 Registration Fees Comparison .PDF Document Use: Indicates registration fees for the 2015-2016 Season. Mar 12, 2015
Affinity Sports Cal North Expo Presentation .PDF Document Presented by Affinity Sports at the 2015 Cal North Soccer Expo in Monterey California. Feb 24, 2015
Request for Live Scan Form .PDF Document Note: This form is required for finger printing. It is recommended that you register online by visiting and then clicking on the "Online Risk Management Registration Link" in the bottom right corner to obtain a prepopulated form and submitting this information to Cal North electronically. Jul 21, 2014
Membership Form .PDF Document Form 1601 Rev. 03/2014. Other approved revisions: 12/2008, 2/2010, and 07/2012. Feb 28, 2014
Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure Form #1650 .PDF Document Form #1650 is no longer required. Nov 26, 2013
Affinity Reg Webinar .DOCX Document Use: Use this form to sign up for a registration webinar hosted by Affinity Sports (Nov - Dec 2013). Nov 22, 2013
Minor Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure Form 1660 .PDF Document This form is to be completed by minors who wish to participate as a coach, asst. coach, trainer, etc... Adults please use form 1650, or submit the form electronically. Apr 15, 2013
Approved Registration Forms .PDF Document Lists the forms that can be used for registration purposes. Dec 04, 2012
Membership Pass Policy .PDF Document May 22, 2012
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