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Greetings! The committee is made up of volunteers that represent the players within their district. Our view is that recreation is a key element in every adult and children's participation in soccer. All players, regardless of program division they are currently involved with, are recreational; they are all kids.

Youth soccer is extremely popular. As an example, there are over 140,000+ Division 4 players registered in Cal North as of December 2010. Do not get hung up on division labels as all youth players are recreational players. Soccer is a game and it needs to be recreational to make it worthwhile for our youths.

A key part of the committee duties is to facilitate communications between Cal North and its members. Each youth and adult member of Cal North is highly valued as creative individuals. The recreational committee offers an avenue for individuals to work with other similar volunteers to help them meet their goals.

Preserving the concept of recreation in youth sports and helping members enjoy their experience, be you a player, coach, or parent, is why we are volunteering our time on this committee.

Your input and ideas are always welcomed.




Please contact your Recreation Coordinator for inforamation about the Pre F Course in your area.

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