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State ODP Try-Outs

Players wishing to try-out for a 2014-2015 State ODP Pool must begin here.

Try-Outs for the State ODP pools are by DOC Recommendation and Returning State, regional and National ODP Players.  All players at this level must be identified and recommended to attend by the Director of Coaching from their club or league.  Any player on the 2013-2014 State, Region or National pools are not required to provide a Coach Recommendation.

Player Eligibility: 
Any Player of eligible age that demonstrates the ability to perform at the highest level in the sport of youth soccer. Director of Coaching  Recommendation for your local league or club.

Eligible Age/Gender:
Boys and Girls born in 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.  ODP Birth year is a “Calendar year”, not “Soccer season year”.  Players must have been born any time during one of the years listed. (Example: January 1-December 31 during 2002 etc…)

Try-Out Dates:
GIRLS:    October 12th/ November 2nd        *Each day will have (2) Sessions per day                        

BOYS:    October 19th/ November 9th         *Each day will have (2) Sessions per day

Try-outs will not be extended past the November dates due to High School Soccer rules. Attending every try-out session is NOT Mandatory, however if you fail to attend in the beginning and then get ill, injured or have a club team conflict, later in the try-out process you may be eliminating yourself by virtue of not participating earlier in the process.  We highly recommend you attend the first session possible so if your schedule does not permit you to attend later, you will have at least been seen by the staff. All players must pre-register and attend at least ONE try-out Session (including State and Regional players) to be rostered to the pool.


$115.00: New/Returning players (if you register online by September 1, 2014)
$140.00: New/Returning players (after September 1, 2014)
$18.50:     Insurance Fee for Non-Cal North players (This fee is in addition to the Try-Out Fee)

Regional/National Players:
Regional and National Pools players will be relegated to the 2014-2015 State ODP Pools; however you still need to Registrar and pay the minimal fee listed below and attend at least ONE try-out session.  We are most proud of the Regional and National players and feel it is very important for them to attend a try-out and provide the opportunity for other players to actually see the level of play that Regional and National coaches are looking for.
Players that were named to the Region IV pools during 2014 and were in a 2013-2014 Cal North ODP Pool will be offered a discounted rate of $50.00 if Registered and paid by: 9/1/2014. After 9/1/14 the cost will be $75.00.
Please email Joyce for the PROMO Code before you begin the online registration process.

Player Registration:
All players who wish to participate in State ODP must register on-line.  This includes New players, State players, Regional Players and National players. Payment for try-outs can be by check or credit card.  Credit card payment must be made at the time of registration; checks can be mailed to the Cal north office with the Registration/Medical Release or can be brought to try-outs. Player registration will be permitted up until the last try-out, however you must register on-line.  Walk-up registration will not be processed at the try-outs.

October/November Try-Out Schedule
Ripon Soccer Complex | 1201 E. River Rd. Ripon, CA

Sunday, and November 2
Players only need to check in one time. For subsequent sessions report directly to your assigned field. 

02’ Girls: 9:00-11:00/1:00-3:00pm  Fields# TBA
00’  Girls: 9:00-11:00/1:00-3:00pm  Fields# TBA
GK: report to your assigned field for your age group, GK coach will come get you.
01’ Girls: 11:00-1:00/3:00-5:00pm Fields# TBA
99’ Girls: 11:00-1:00/3:00-5:00pm  Fields# TBA
GK: report to your assigned field for your age group, GK coach will come get you.

Sunday, October 19, and November 9
Players only need to check in one time. For subsequent sessions report directly to your assigned field.

PLAYER CHECK-IN begins (1) hour prior to the session time
02’ Boys: 9:00-11:00/1:00-3:00pm  Fields# 1-3
00’  Boys: 9:00-11:00/1:00-3:00pm  Fields# 5-7
GK: report to your assigned field for your age group, GK coach will come get you.
PLAYER CHECK-IN begins (1) hour prior to the session time
01’ Boys: 11:00-1:00/3:00-5:00pm  Fields# 1-3
99’ Boys: 11:00-1:00/3:00-5:00pm  Fields# 5-7
GK: report to your assigned field for your age group, GK coach will come get you.

Registration Process:
Read this entire section before you begin:

Click the  REGISTER  button at the end of these instructions.  This will link you directly to the Online ODP Try-out Registration page. Click on the word “Registration” at the top of the page.  You will be prompted through the process

If your child is currently a Cal North player and/or was on the 2013-2014 State ODP Pool, please use your username and password to log on If you cannot remember your username and/or password please select the option to have Affinity send it to you . Please do not create a new account, if all else fails email me and I can help you (

If your child is NOT a Cal North player and was NOT on the 2013-2014 State ODP Pool, you will need to create a new account. You will only need to do this one time.  Once you are in the system, you will never have to do this again.  Please note you will be required to pay an additional fee of $18.50 for Insurance.

Follow all the page prompts and complete each section, leaving a blank answer may result in an incomplete registration. Once you complete the Registration, you will be asked to “print” the Registration and Medical Release.  Print this form and sign, SECTION D: Medical Release.

  • If you are a 2013-2014 State, Regional or National ODP player: Bring your form to check-in on your first try-out date. (No Coach Recommendation Required) (SECTIONS A,B,D must be complete)


  • If you are “New” to ODP, you will need to complete SECTION C: Coach Recommendation. Bring your form to check-in on your first try-out date. (SECTIONS A,B,C,D must be complete)

Please do not email, fax or send your Medical Release to the Cal North Office.  Bring the form to your first try-out at check-in. All players must have the ODP Medical Release to participate in try-outs.

Refund Policy
If you registered for try-outs prior to September 1st, and request a refund prior to September 1st, you may be able to receive a full refund. After September 1st, refunds will only be issued if you are injured and will not be able to participate for the duration of the try-out process. Refunds for injuries will require a Medical letter from the treating Physician, and must be submitted to the Cal North office and include the following: Type of injury, Date of injury, and Statement from physician that the player is unable to participate until ___________ (date). Refunds for injuries (or any portion of the try-out fee) will not issued if a player has already participated in a try-out session.

If you have any additional questions, please email the Cal North Office.

Important Reminders:

  • Pre-Register for Try-Outs (No walk-on Try-outs), Registration is open until the last try-out
  • Print the Registration and Medical Release and Bring to the Try-outs for your 1st check in.
    • (If you selected pay by check, mail try-out fee to the office, prior to try-out)
  • DOC signature on form (SECTION C)

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