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Personal Liability


Decisions made by program administrators, regardless of whether they are Cal North or league sanctioned activities, may unknowingly obligate the league or Cal North to implied legal obligation. Accordingly, administrators are requested to check with the appropriate officials.

Cal North insures its Directors, Officers, and volunteers with liability insurance, as per section 2:09:01 of the Constitution, Bylaws, General Procedures, Specific Rules, PIMs section of the Team Manual. It is possible for an individual to be named as a separate defendant in a suit arising out of a Cal North sanctioned event. Should this happen Cal North will provide a defense and cover the liability on your behalf, subject to the coverage and exclusions of Cal North's general liability policy.

In the course of providing liability coverage for fields within a public or private facility, (usually the City, County, or developer), a request will be made for Cal North liability coverage in the form of the entity being named as an additional insured. It is Cal North's intent to cover the owner for that portion of property occupied by their members and only when their members are using the property and only when participation is solely in a Cal North sanctioned event. It is not Cal North's intent to cover the nearby playground, swimming pool, baseball backstop or any other aspect of the property not specifically related to the practice and play of youth soccer.

Normally, our insurance broker will add the facility owner as an additional insured to protect them in the event of a loss during a Cal North sponsored activity. (This is done through notification to the Cal North office of the requirement and sending the office a copy of the proposed contract and insurance requirements). The problem is that the owner is likely to require some sort of "use-of-premises agreement". This could be a permit, a lease or some other contract stipulating the terms of the use of the premises. Such contracts are usually very favorable to the lessor. They likely contain an insurance requirement clause as well as a hold harmless clause. These should be reviewed carefully to determine the extent of liability to Cal North.

The contract should specify when and what you will be responsible for. Ideally, you will be responsible for the field or the facility when it is being used for Cal North purposes. If you are required to cover the premises on a 24 hour basis then additional liability insurance must be requested. Any contract which does not limit responsibility to specific use for Cal North activities broadens your responsibilities and must be reviewed by the Cal North office.




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