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Notes from the District 5 Registrar


Registrar's Meeting: Date, Time, Location to be announced. The meeting is for ALL LEAGUE REGISTRARS. New registrars should complete Cal North form 1623 and send to the District Registrar.

Paperwork Turnaround Time: Typically it will be 2 weeks. When the crunch comes it could go to 3 weeks.

I will not respond to a coach arriving at my door. I will answer questions from League Presidents or League Registrars. All others correspondence should come through the League Registrar. There is a box in front of my house where paperwork can be dropped off or picked up. Please remind coaches, parents etc. not to call me. They will be referred back to their League Registrar.

What's required for processing: All paperwork and fees are to come as a package. If the package is not complete you will receive an email message detailing the needed corrections. The paperwork will be held until corrections are made.

Transfer Fees $15.00/player
Intra-District Transfers $15.00/player

Registration Fee $.50/player payable to Steve Pinner

Order forms by mail, e-mail or fax to Steve Pinner and I will forward to Cal North or fill from an inventory that I have here.

Steve Pinner
District 5 Registrar
307 Burt St
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone/Fax: 707.566.8602



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