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Notes & Announcements from the State Referee Administration for District V


Wondering where your paycheck is? If you have recently officiated one or more games and have not yet been paid, perhaps it is because you have not yet completed a W-9 Form. Please submit the thecompleted form to the CYSA District 5 Treasurer by email, snail mail or fax:

Carol Jaskela
c/o Cheri Hardaway, Commissioner
1387 Cass Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Ph: 707.527.0171
Fax: 707.579.7986

After reviewing the referee class application procedures, League Referee Coordinators may contact Steve Larsen for further questions. Do not contact instructors directly.


In regards to online registration, please make sure you do not submit a registration unless it is complete.

Anyone who is above an 8 or is upgrading must have all the qualifying work done and paperwork showing that they have completed everything before going on-line to register.

Please note that Steve Larsen must initial upgrade requests and registration materials and thenyou’re your name on a list he will submit to David Jones. If your name is not on the list you registration will be submitted without the upgrade.

Referee Registration Form


IMPORTANT! If you have a send-off for a Cal North CCSL game, please see and follow the send-off procedures outlined here. The send-off report below can be submitted electronically to the CCSL PAD Chairman. CCSL send-off reports do NOT go to Mike Mullins.

For District Playing League send-offs, completed forms are to be sent to:

Mike Mullins
District Playing League PAD Chairman
PO Box 184
Kenwood, CA 95452

Send a copy of each send-off report to your League Referee Coordinator

For Tournament send-offs, completed forms are to be sent to:

Cheri Hardaway
District 5 Commissioner
1387 Cass Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95407-7733


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