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Minor Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure Form 1660 .PDF Document This form is to be completed by minors who wish to participate as a coach, asst. coach, trainer, etc... Adults please use form 1650, or submit the form electronically. Apr 15, 2013
District IV Procedures, Rules and Regulations .PDF Document Adopted March 27, 2008 Mar 13, 2013
District IV Outreach Program Reimbursement Request .PDF Document District IV supports organized efforts for outreach programs within its boundaries. Funds for these programs are available from CYSA through D4. Reimbursement is only available to Leagues or Clubs. First priority shall be to programs, second priority shall be for registration scholarships given for economically disadvantaged children. Feb 25, 2013
District IV Competitive Playing League Send-Off (Red Card) Procedures .PDF Document If any of your players or coaches are unfortunate recipients of a send-off, there are a few things you will want to do to make the process a little smoother. Feb 25, 2013
8v8 Rules Modifications .PDF Document Feb 21, 2013
W-9 Form IRS .PDF Document Dec 17, 2012
Approved Registration Forms .PDF Document Lists the forms that can be used for registration purposes. Dec 04, 2012
District V Field Chart .XLS Document Oct 30, 2012
District V League Entry Form (2012/2013) .XLS Document Oct 30, 2012
District V Competitive Winter Team Entry Form .PDF Document Oct 30, 2012
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