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Playing League Rules



The rules of play for all competitions sanctioned by this League shall be the "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA with modifications made by CYSA and by this District Playing League as amended each year.


The rules contained herein shall govern members of this District Playing League in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are consistent with the Constitution of this District Playing League and of CYSA.


Each team shall be responsible for the conduct of the players, coaches, team assistants and parents. It is the responsibility of each team to insure that its actions, on or off the field, do not bring disrespect upon this District Playing League.


Coaches shall be responsible for their spectators’ actions. Spectators shall not make profane or derogatory remarks or gestures, dissent from the referee’s decision, or incite disruptive behavior.


Team officials, substitutes or players who fail to comply with the above may be ejected from the game or sidelines.


If a spectator or spectators fail to respond to a team official’s request to desist from improper behavior, the referee is empowered to terminate the match. In the above event, a decision as to the disposition of the match and any disciplinary action will be decided by the PAD Committee.


Within these Rules and Regulations, the term "appropriate District Manager" shall mean the District Playing League Manager for Competition (Division 1), the District Playing League Manager for Division 3 and the District Playing League Manager for Division 4.


3:02:01 Composition:

  1. The District Playing League Protest, Appeals and Disciplinary Committee, hereinafter referred to as PAD, shall be composed of five (5) members: three (3) active voting members and two (2) alternates, with no more than one (1) member from each league. One voting member may or may not be the District Playing League Manager. Also the District Commissioner is to designate the PAD Chairperson, which may or may not be the District Playing League Manager. In all appeal matters the District Commissioner must be notified of appeal decisions in writing.
  2. The PAD Committee shall serve at the pleasure of the District Commissioner. Appointments to the PAD Committee are subject to the approval of the District V Board.
  3. No one, other than the regular PAD Committee members, may attend a committee meeting unless invited by the Chairperson.D. No member of the PAD Committee shall vote on issue(s) involving his/her home league.
  4. Alternates become voting PAD members only if and when a designated active member is unable to serve or if there are issue(s) involving a committee member’s home league.


The District V Playing League PAD Committee shall be responsible for administering all matters of disciplinary actions resulting from participation in any District V Playing League sanctioned activity as they may relate to players, coaches, teams and league officials affiliated with District V Playing League. These sanctions and penalties may be, but are not limited to:

  1. Suspension of any player, coach, team assistant or any team official from participating in this District Playing League’s activities or games for a specified period of time.
  2. Forfeiture of any games already played.
  3. Suspension of the team for the rest of the currently scheduled season with the remaining games declared a forfeit.
  4. Suspension of the team for the rest of the playing season.
  5. Declaring a team not to be in good standing and requesting that they be ineligible to play in tournaments, State Cup or other play.
  6. Shall have discretionary powers in interpreting the degree of penalties applied to team personnel and players. The penalties as outlined in the CYSA Specific Rules will be considered as suggestions for a first offense. The degree of penalty may be increased according to the gravity of the offense. Ejections are not subject to protest or appeal. Only penalties above the recommended CYSA levels may be appealed.



The committee should meet on a weekly basis; however, this may not occur if not required. The meeting can be held via conference call. The Chairperson shall try to provide a minimum of one week notice before any appeal meeting. The time and place of the meetings shall be determined by the Chairperson. The District Playing League Manager and PAD Chairperson may agree to call a special meeting in case of an emergency.


No names shall be disclosed outside of the PAD Committee meetings except in case of appeal and as minimally necessary to affect the discipline. This does not apply to notice of the result of disciplinary action. Proceedings and discussions are not to be disclosed outside the committee meeting. Exceptions occur in the case of appeals.


The PAD Committee is at all times subject to the District V Administration (Board).



Age group Scorekeepers shall be appointed by the appropriate District Playing League Manager pursuant to the following criteria: Scorekeepers can be a coach, assistant coach or parent assigned with the age group and/or division for which he or she is responsible.


These Scorekeepers shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Record the scores and keep track of current standings for the division.
  2. Periodically send the scores and standings to the coaches in the division and to the District Playing League and Division Managers.
  3. Communicate information to the coaches from the District unless specified otherwise.
  4. Report final standings and all game scores to District Playing League Manager following the final games for the division.



Each representative shall be responsible for the administrative needs of their respective teams. To include, but not limited to:
  1. Dissemination of current season’s packets
  2. Communication between District Playing League Managers and team, except in the case of an appeal or disciplinary matter.


3:05 TEAMS


Teams must be authorized to play in the District Playing League by a resident league in good standing and belonging to District V and by paying the registration fee using the resident league or club check. The District League may accept new teams, official or unofficial, into District Playing League play for the winter season with the authorization of the resident league and District Playing League Manager. CYSA registered teams from districts other than District V may be allowed to enter the District Playing League on approval of both districts’ commissioners and the District Playing League Manage.


Teams will be represented in the appropriate Division by their respective Division 1, Division 3 and Division 4 League Representative.


Division 3 and 4 teams entered into the District V Playing League must be formed with the intent that teams from the same league in the same gender age group are of equal strength. League rules and regulations submitted annually for review (per Section 3:01:02 – CYSA General Procedures) must include procedures for a selection process intended to produce equal strength teams. Teams formed in a manner that intentionally produces unequal strength teams are subject to reclassification by the District Commissioner.


If teams from outside the district are admitted, they will not necessarily have games scheduled in their home areas, but home games may be scheduled in parts of their districts that are close to District V.


Teams must individually, through their appropriate Division 1, 3 and 4 League Representative, apply to be entered into the District Playing League at least six weeks before the start of play. Each team official (i.e. coach, assistant coach, manager, etc.) shall be listed on the team roster. Each team must have at least two adult team officials who are unrelated to each other. Each team shall be identified by the name of the local league and a nickname that is in good taste.


Teams must have a minimum of seven players on their roster to be accepted.


The appearance of players is a vital extension of the game. Socks must be worn pulledup and covering the shin guards (shin guards are mandatory). In adverse weather conditions, track suit trousers, long tights, long length spandex, and long sleeve shirts may be worn under uniforms in a color that coordinates with the team’s color. The team colors shall match for all team members. Wearing slide pants or bandannas is not permitted.

3:06 FEES


Fall league registration (entry) fees are due prior to July 1. Winter season playing fees are due at the Winter Playing League Coaches Meeting. Fees will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting for the District League.


The registration fee will consist of payment for awards and administration.


Winter League play may require an additional fee which will provide for the hiring of referees and for the rental of all-weather field space.



Maximum Birthdates Per Seasonal Year Per Age Classification are defined in the CYSA General Procedures (Rule 3:04:03). 3:07:02 Competition Division (Division 1 & 2) only. There shall be a maximum of 25% older players in an age group for any team playing Division 2. Upon approval by the appropriate Division Manager and District Playing League Manager a team that exceeds the 25% older player rule may play Division 2 for no standings but with the intent to develop their respective league program.


CYSA Team Registration Form is to be properly completed and signed by the District Registrar. This is to include any movement to team as well.


USYSA Player and Coach Passes, properly completed and signed/stamped by the District Registrar shall be required for all games.


Referees will hold questionable player passes and forward to the District V Playing League PAD Chairman with the referee game card and a report.


The home team is responsible for furnishing the game card and referees and shall present the card to the referee. Such game cards will be forwarded to the appropriate home league referee coordinator by the referee at the conclusion of the game. Game cards are to be kept for a period of at least three months after the playing season is over in case of any problems. (A game card is a legal document and a treasurer may need it to justify payments.)



Every member League shall appoint one or more referee assignors to be responsible for assigning game officials to all matches played under these Playing League rules. The names and phone numbers of said referee coordinators shall be given to the District officers and made available to other member Leagues. Referee coordinators and assignors are encouraged to have passed both the referee and assignor course examinations.


The home team is responsible to the referees in furnishing them with the completed game card, the referees shall submit the game card to their referee coordinator at the conclusion of the match for payment, unless the card has been sent to the District V Playing League PAD Chairman in connection with a disciplinary action.


The referees shall verify the identity of all players and coaches with his/her player or coach pass. The referee shall collect the passes of all players and coaches who will be participating in the game. Any player who does not have a valid player pass shall not play in the game. Any player whose name is not entered on the game card shall not play until their name has been entered.


Forward reports of send-off, game cards and sent-off player or coach passes, within 24 hours of the receipt, to the PAD Committee Chairman.


Licensed USSF referees are required for all Divisions: Competition Division 1, Division 3 and Division 4.


Licensed USSF referees and a three man or one man system with club linesmen are recommended for the Division 3 and Division 4. There shall be a minimum of one (1) licensed USSF referee for U-10 and U-12 and a minimum of two (2) licensed USSF referees for U-14 and three (3) licensed USSF referees for U-16 and U-19 competition. In the event the scheduled licensed age appropriate referee fails to appear for a scheduled game and an alternative licensed age appropriate substitute is not available within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled game time, the game will be a 1-0 forfeit in favor of the visiting team. The game will not be rescheduled. Three licensed and age appropriate USSF referees, who will use a three man system, are required for all Division 1 games. However, if the licensed and age appropriate USSF referee fails to appear within 15 minutes of game time, the game is to be rescheduled.3:08:07 Field inspection by the referee will include proper uniform as set forth herein. The condition and play-ability of the field shall be determined by the referee.


The referees must be older than players in the age group that they are officiating, except that an 18 year-old referee with sufficient experience may officiate U-19 games.


Match officials assigned to the match should not be related to (related to is defined as a sibling or parent) or affiliated with (affiliated with is defined as a rostered as a coach, manager or trainer) either team. In the event all referee positions cannot be filled with unrelated and unaffiliated referees, the visiting team will be asked if an unrelated and unaffiliated licensed referee is available traveling with their team. If not then, the visiting team may provide qualified referee(s) that are related/affiliated. If the visiting team cannot provide qualified referee(s), the home team may provide qualified but affiliated referee(s).



The use or consumption of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs immediately before, during or immediately after the playing of a game by any player, coach, other team official or spectator is expressly prohibited.


Any player, coach or other team official who violates this prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary action by the District Playing League.


Spectators shall not possess or consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during the game. If a spectator continues to violate this rule, the referee must not let the game continue.



The District Playing League shall schedule two seasons for all age groups. The first season will be for all Divisions. At the discretion of the District V Board, the second season may be structured to provide competitive divisions for Traveling and Paper teams. The first season may start the first weekend of August and should end before Thanksgiving but no later than the first of December. The second season may begin as early as mid November. It is the District Playing League’s intention to provide approximately 12 scheduled games per season. Traveling teams may, but are not required to, play both the first and second seasons. A refundable performance bond equal to twice the District Playing League entry fee times the number of teams failing to complete a season from the completion of the respective season schedule will be required for the next two seasons from any league whose team(s) enter but fails to fulfill their commitment.


When there are sufficiently diverse entries, the District Playing League shall place teams of a given age group into divisions and flights in order to provide balanced and competitive play.


The appropriate Division Manager will schedule games and dates for the Fall season, with home and visiting teams specified, by August 1 st . For the second season, games shall be scheduled three weeks prior to the start of District Playing League play. Schedules must be home and away; any exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Division Manager. Leagues failing to enroll their teams with the District Playing League by June 1 st for the fall season and at the Winter Playing League Coaches Meeting for the second season run the risk of not having their teams scheduled and shall be assessed a late fee of $25.00 per team registered late. Enrollment consists of a resident league listing of teams and a resident League or Club check in the amount of the District Playing League registration (entry) fee.


Game Times and Ball Specifications Outdoor Only are defined in the CYSA General Procedures (Rule 3:07), with the clarification that no overtime periods will be played (games ending in a tie will be recorded as a tie). 3:10:05 Only the playing captain may ask for clarification of a decision at a stoppage in play. No person, coach or team referee shall interfere with, challenge or question the referee before, during or after the game.


Ejections (red cards) given to players and/or coaches are reported to the PAD Committee after each game by the referee of record. The PAD Committee will determine the appropriate action for all ejections, utilizing the recommendations as set forth in the CYSA Specific Rules. Coaches and players will be notified of the disciplinary action. A red card is an automatic minimum one game suspension for a player and a three game suspension for a coach and can have an effect on team standings. Ejections are not subject to protest or appeal. Only penalties above the recommended CYSA levels may be appealed. A person, player or coach may be sent-off or ejected from the field of play before, during or after the game.


Each team shall supply one club lineman if requested by the scheduled referee. Duties will be as directed by the official.


Rescheduled and/or makeup games should be played within two (2) weeks or fourteen (14) days of the scheduled game. Should this not be practical then the home team must report this to the appropriate Scorekeeper.


In the event that a team is a no show for a scheduled match without notification to the appropriate Division Coordinator, Scorekeeper and visiting coach seventy-two (72) hours prior to the schedule match, the team will be fined $500.00 and be placed on probation, if it happens again the team will be dismissed from the District Playing League, CYSA Cup and CYSA Tournament play.


All injuries, to be claimed against CYSA Medical Insurance Program, shall be completely reported on the Insurance Claim Form found in each CYSA Team Kit. Players wearing orthopedic casts, air-splints or metal splints shall not be eligible to participate in any game. 3:10:10A In the event a game is abandoned or terminated before completion of the game time specified by the age group, a decision regarding whether the game will be replayed in full or the result of the match to stand at the time of the stoppage shall be decided by the District V Playing League PAD Committee Chairman. However, if a game is abandoned or terminated because of sideline misbehavior the game will not be replayed and the team associated with the sideline misbehavior will forfeit the match and the other team will be awarded a 2-0 win for purposes of the standings.


Substitutes must enter and exit from the touch lines at the center of the field. With the referee’s permission unlimited substitutions may be made:

  1. Prior to a throw-in in your teams favor.
  2. Prior to either team’s goal kick.
  3. After a goal by either team.
  4. When play is stopped for an injury on either team.
  5. At half time.
  6. When the referee stops play to caution a player, only the cautioned player may be substituted prior to the restart of the game.
  7. A switch of goalkeepers before the taking of a penalty kick with a player already on the field.



Charging the youth goalkeeper shall not be permitted at any time the goalkeeper is within the penalty area. Exception: on a defensive pass back the goalkeeper becomes a field player, regular laws of the game apply.


Games shall be forfeited with a score of 1-0 for any of the following:

  1. Ineligible players. Examples are unregistered, over age, illegal transfer and suspended players or coaches.
  2. A team unable to field at least seven of its rostered players (a.) within 15 minutes after the scheduled game time, i.e. scheduled start of play, or (b.) at any rime after the start of play.
  3. A player may play in only one game per day, excluding tournaments. Double games must be approved and/or scheduled by the District Playing League Manager.



Every Division 1 or 3 player should be entitled to play a minimum of one-third of each game. Exceptions are allowed for discipline, injury or lack of fitness. .


Every Division 4 player should be entitled to play at least half of each game. Exceptions are allowed for discipline, injury or lack of fitness. The appropriate Scorekeeper or the referee at the game must be notified of the exception prior to the start of the game and must be noted on the game card.


Team Standings will be calculated as follows:

  1. Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point and Loss = 0 points.
  2. If teams are tied in points at the end of the season the following criteria shall be followed:
    1. Head to Head: A team which has beaten the other team during the regular season play will have the higher standing.
    2. Goals against. Counting all league games, the team with the least goals scored against it to a maximum of four per game has the higher standing.
    3. Goals scored. Counting all league games, the team which has scored the highest number of goals, to a maximum of four per game, has the higher standing.
  3. Rain-outs shall be determined by the home team’s league. They must notify the visiting team as soon as possible to prevent the visiting team from wasting a trip. Rescheduling is allowed for rainouts, scheduling errors and games called by the referee due to non-playable conditions. The home team’s league will contact the visiting team’s league and reschedule the game. This contact must happen within 48 hours (two days). The home team must notify the appropriate Scorekeeper of the rescheduled game within 72 hours (three days).
  4. If a team fails to travel to a game out of their immediate area and decides to take a forfeit for the game, the game will be recorded as a 2-0 win for the other team. In addition, a 2-point penalty will be assessed against the forfeiting team in the standings. The team will be fined $500.00 for not making the trip and the team will be placed on probation. If it happens again the team will be dismissed from the District Playing League, CYSA Cup and CYSA Tournament play.



The first team listed on the schedule is the "home Team". The home team shall:

  1. Be responsible for assigning referees.
  2. Have a choice of the side of the field.
  3. Must change uniform colors if they conflict.
  4. Will be responsible for goal nets and corner flags/markers.
  5. Will supply the referee with the game card and a game ball.



Both teams must report the game score to the appropriate Scorekeeper within 48 hours of the game.


Coaches, assistant coaches and team managers shall abide by the following:

  1. Coaches, assistant coaches and any other person that may be coaching will station themselves on opposite sides of the field and will confine their coaching to ten yards either side of the half-way line.
  2. A coach will not call out alleged or otherwise indulge in a running commentary of infractions of the "Laws of the Game".
  3. A coach will not dispute or question the calls or decisions of the referees. A coach may address the referee only: prior to the start of the game, when making substitutions, to draw attention to an injured player and when addressed by the referee.
  4. A coach shall not enter the field of play except prior to the start of the game, at half time and at the end of the game or to aid an injured player from either team (after receiving the referee’s permission) or whenever beckoned onto the field by the referee.
  5. Coaches shall not provoke, intimidate or enter into a dispute with coaches, players or fans of the opposing team.
  6. If a coach violates any of the above paragraphs the referee shall be obligated to give the coach a verbal warning and/or order the coach off the field, the referee shall make a report to the appropriate District Playing League Manager and District PAD Committee.
  7. A coach who is reported ("sent-off") for a second time shall be suspended for the remainder of the season by the District PAD Committee.
  8. Fans and spectators should be removed a safe distance away from the touchlines to provide the necessary space for safe play. Violations of Paragraph A through F by a team’s substitutes or fans shall be deemed as committed by the respective coach, if in the opinion of the referee, the coach makes little or no attempt to control the situation.
  9. If a coach is sent-off the field of play, he/she must leave the playing area or the game will not continue. The coach may not return to any sanctioned match for his/her team until after his/her hearing and any suspensions have been served.



Trophies and awards will be presented as follows in each division and age group based on the number of teams: 1 st and 2 nd Place - 4 to 6 teams; 3 rd Place - 7 to 11 teams and 4 th Place - 12 or more teams. For U-19 competition, the type of award will be reviewed each year.


Protest and appeals are from coach to the District Playing League PAD Committee Chairperson to District V Commissioner to CYSA Protest and Appeals Committee. Further appeal right, if so needed, are outlined in the CYSA Constitution. Only violations of the rules of this competition or misapplication of the "Laws of the Game" shall be proper subjects to be considered for action. Judgment calls by referees on the field are not appealable. All protest and appeals should be recorded on the game card prior to the appealing party leaving the field of play in order to be heard.


Protest and appeals are to be in writing (typed or printed) and mailed to the District Playing League PAD Committee Chairperson and shall be accompanied with the fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). Such protest or appeals shall be postmarked within forty-eight (48) hours of the competition being protested. (Holidays excluded).


Complaints. There are times when a protest is not in order but when a formal complaint should be filed. An ineligible player suspicion, quality of officiating on the playing field, problems in the scheduling or notification, extreme rudeness of spectators and the like could be subjects for complaint. Such complaints should be specific, in writing and sent to the appropriate Scorekeeper, District Playing League Manager, League Referee Coordinator, District Referee Administrator, League President and District Commissioner.


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