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District V Jamborees



6:01:03 JAMBOREE

A competition involving more than two teams in which each team plays multiple games and is limited to no more than 3 age divisions of 8 teams each, for a maximum of 24 teams. Jamborees are sanctioned by the District Commissioner, District Commissioner designee and/or District Tournament Coordinator of the host district. No league or group may host a jamboree without the prior written permission of the District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee or the District Tournament Coordinator as the District Commissioner’s designee. Jamborees will comply with Cal North policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Districts may establish jamboree policies and procedures that are more restrictive than those indicated in the Cal North tournament manual. Jamborees may be held on any weekend. No league or group hosting a jamboree may charge a team any fees other than those necessary to pay for costs actually and reasonably incurred in hosting the jamboree and in no event shall the fees charged exceed $200 per team without the approval of the District Commissioner, District Commissioner designee or District Tournament Coordinator based on written justification for a fee in excess of $200 submitted at the time the league or group applies for permission to host a jamboree. Jamborees may not keep standings. Jamborees may not give awards in any form unless the same award is given to every participant in the jamboree. Jamborees are to be operated on a "not for profit" basis. Jamborees are not included on the Cal North Tournament Calendar. Teams from outside the host district must receive approval of their District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee and/or District Tournament Coordinator prior to participating in the jamboree.

Applying to Host a Jamboree

Complete the Application to Host a Jamboree form

Attach a copy of the Jamboree rules

Submit to the District Tournament Coordinator for approval


No later than 2 weeks prior to your event, you must notify the District Tournament Coordinator of teams accepted. The list must include team's district, team name, league of registration, coach name and phone number, age group, gender & division for every team accepted.

You may be asked to provide a final report to the District Tournament Coordinator including the following information: 

  1. List of participating teams (include district, league name, coach name, age group, gender and division)
  2. Financial report (itemize expenses & include photocopies of receipts for expenditures, itemize income)
  3. Summary of event (indicate any highlights, problems, indicate where games were played, refs, etc.)

Please check with your DTC as to whether or not the final report will be required in your district.  Although you cannot make money on the jamboree itself, you can have for profit snack bars, T-shirt sales, BBQs, raffles, etc. Those items are considered optional and therefore will not be considered as a part of the participation fee. No financial report is required for these activities.



All teams within District 5 must apply for permission to play in a jamboree regardless of whether within District 5 or any other CYSA District.

  1. Download Jamboree - Attendance Permission form.
  2. Complete the form. Make sure that you have your League President sign at the bottom before submitting to the District Tournament Coordinator
  3. Mail or fax the form to Ken Stelling with a self-addressed stamped envelope or your fax number. Mail to 6 Barona Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 or Fax to 707.546.1832.
  4. When you receive the approved form back from Ken, either by mail or fax, mail the approved form along with the appropriate application fee to the jamboree.
  5. If you are applying to play in another district other than District 5, you may also be required to use their jamboree form. Most districts will require that the District Tournament Coordinator or District Commissioner sign their jamboree form. If this is the case, send or fax Ken both the District 5 form and their form along with a return stamped envelope or your fax number. Ken will approve both forms and mail or fax them back to you. You then can mail them to the jamboree with the appropriate fee.

If you should have any questions, call please contact:

District 5 Tournament Coordinator


1040 Serpentine Lane Suite 201
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Office: 925.426.KIDS (5437) Fax: 925.426.9473

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