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District III Al Caffodio BY-LAWS


Section 1:

The Al Caffodio District III Youth Soccer Administration shall be defined as having two (2) primary functions:

  1.  The District Administration
  2. The District League

They shall be regulated by an Executive Board, Staff and Standing Committees to coordinate those activities as they apply to the Youth Soccer Program.

Section 2:

The purpose of the District Administration shall be to provide coordination and development of the Youth Soccer Program within Cal North-District III. They shall keep and maintain records of players, teams and leagues, for the purpose of registration and affiliation. They shall act as the liaison between Cal North-District III and the California Youth Soccer Association, and provide for internal communications.

Section 3:

The purpose of the District League, responsible to the Executive Boards, shall be to organize, schedule and regulate inter-community competition for those area Leagues entering teams into said competition.


Section 1:

Each recognized league within Cal North-District III shall be granted membership with the District Administration. Each member league shall elect or appoint an individual, in accordance with their established procedures, to represent that league to the Executive Board. Each individual so elected or appointed shall be entitled to one (1) vote.

Section 2:

Only teams affiliated with a member league are eligible for application to the District Leagues. Each team entered into a District League shall have one (1) vote in matters pertaining to the Rules and Procedures that apply to the inter-club competition. Each league shall be notified as to the entry date and fees applicable to the District Leagues. Each team wishing to enter a District League shall make application through their league.

Section 3:

Each team and League within Cal North-District III, affiliated with the California Youth Soccer Association, shall have one (1) vote at any general membership meeting.


Section 1:

The Executive Board shall have as its members, the District Commissioner and the Representatives from each of the member Youth Leagues. The District Commissioner shall be elected in accordance with the Cal North Constitution. Section 2:05:03, which reads as follows: Each Affiliated League shall have one (1) vote for every fifty (50) duly registered teams, or fraction thereof, for voting powers, for the purpose of the election of their own District Commission (end of section). The Executive Board shall elect a Deputy Commissioner who shall chair the meetings in the absence of the District Commissioner.

Section 2:

The Executive Board, acting together, shall constitute the management of the District Administration and they shall be responsible for:

  1. Insuring that the District Administration operates within the framework of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Procedures.
  2. Affiliation with other organizations for the general welfare of the District.
  3. Furthering age group soccer for the good of the player and the game in general.
  4. The raising of funds for the District Program, and ensuring that an equal amount of the Program is shared by all age groups and divisions.
  5. Expenditures.
  6. Recording, publicizing and promoting activities.
  7.  Approving fields of play.
  8. Appointments of Staff and Standing Committees.
  9. Shall from time-to-time make temporary Rules or Regulations for the specific cases or occasions not provided for in the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules or Procedures, but which are deemed necessary by the Executive Board to carry out the objectives of the program.

Section 3:

Vacancies on the Executive Board, with the exception of the Chairman, shall be handled by that League which is not represented. The Executive Board shall handle the vacancy of the Chairman, until an election by the District can be called for.


At meetings of the Executive Board a majority of its members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business.


Section 1:

The Executive Board shall hold regular meetings, no less than once a month, to transact District business. These meetings shall consist of Staff and Standing Committee Chairmen. The Chairman of the Executive Board will preside at these meetings; in his absence, the Deputy Commissioner will act as Chairman. Should any guest, from an outside affiliation, attend the meeting at the request of the Executive Board, he/she shall be given the right to speak but shall have no vote.

Section 2:

Any member of the Executive Board may call for a special meeting by notifying all other Board members of the time, place and reason for the meeting, at least four (4) days prior to the said meeting.

Section 3:

When urgent matters arise which require immediate action, the District Commissioner shall canvass all Executive Board members by telephone. After presentation and discussion of the matter(s), the District Commissioner shall poll and record each members vote. A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute authority for the District Commissioner to proceed as directed. Such matters shall be an item of business at the next regularly scheduled Executive Board Meeting.

Section 4:

All meetings shall be governed by Parliamentary Law as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all procedures not expressly provided for in the Constitution or By-Laws. The agenda for the regular meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Introduction of Guest(s)
  4. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting
  5. Correspondence
  6. Reports
    1. Treasurer
    2. Registrar
    3. District Commissioner
    4. Committees
  7. Unfinished business
  8. New business
  9. Good of the Game
  10. Adjournment


The following Staff members shall be appointed each year by the Executive Board, to handle the internal operation of the District Administration.

1. Treasurer:
Shall be responsible for an accurate accounting of all assets, receipts, expenditures, bank balances and disbursements of all moneys. It shall be required that all debts shall be disbursed after approval by the Executive Board. All checks shall bear at least two (2) of the following three (3) signatures: 1) the Chairman of the Executive Board, 2) Deputy Commissioner, and/or 3) the Treasurer. All financial records of the District Administration shall be submitted for an annual audit prior to the start of each seasonal year. The Treasurer shall also be Chairman of the Finance Committee.

2. Registrar:
Shall be responsible for player and team registration and affiliation within Cal North-District III, and properly submit them to the Association to which this District is affiliated. Shall keep a complete and accurate record of all Leagues, Teams and Players for the purpose of registration, affiliation and insurance.

3. League Manager:
Shall be responsible for the District League, to schedule and regulate the inter-community competition. Shall supervise the Games Committee which shall handle all necessary activities involving this competition.

4. Recording Secretary:
Shall take the minutes and keep accurate records of the Executive Board meetings.

5. Corresponding Secretary:
Shall be responsible for all correspondence pertinent to the District Administration.


The following Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Board each year to handle assigned functions of the District Administration and District League:

1. Finance Committee:
Shall once each year, review the District Administration program and draft a budget to best provide for that program. Shall monitor the expenditures of the Executive Board to ensure that that body follows the guidelines of said budget.

2. Games Committee:
Shall be responsible for a schedule of play, type of play and disciplinary action for the District League.

3. International Games:
Shall be responsible for promoting, planning, and scheduling of International Games, within Cal North-District III.

4. Coaching Committee:

5. Referee Committee:

6. Select Team Committee:

7. District Appeals Committee:


Section 1:

Protests and appeals pertaining to the District League are to be handled by the League. The processing of the protests and appeals is to be specified in the District League Rules of Play and must contain at least the following: The processing authority, the method of submission, the fee schedule and refund policy, the time limits for receipt, and the time limits for processing.

Section 2:

Protests and appeals pertaining to District Administration rulings are to be handled by the District Board. The processing of the protests and appeals are to be specified in a District PIM and must contain at least the following: the processing authority, the method of submission, the fee schedule and refund policy, the time limits for receipt, and the time limits for processing.


This District Administration shall not assume, nor be liable for, the debts nor the financial responsibilities either implied or incurred, of any of its Members, Member Leagues, Member Coaches, Managers or Teams.


Should this District Administration be dissolved, all assets remaining after payment of all debts, shall be divided equally among those Member Leagues within Cal North-District III for the express purpose of development of Youth Soccer.


Amendments to the Rules and Procedures shall be presented to the Executive Board, in writing, of proposed amendment to the Rules and Procedures, ten (10) days prior to the regular meeting, at which time the proposed amendments will be voted upon.


As of September 1, 1993, the recognized Leagues within District III are:

Dublin United Soccer League

Fremont Youth Soccer League

Livermore Youth Soccer League

Mustang Soccer League

Newark Soccer League

Pleasanton Youth Soccer League

San Ramon Soccer League


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