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Suspension Report

It is the team's responsibility to ensure that any individuals who are ineligible to participate due to suspensions from Cal North Cup matches in previous seasons or from a suspension that was earned in a Cal North league game, tournament game or game at a District Event are properly disclosed to the Cup Staff and that the individuals do not participate in any Cal North Cup matches until their suspension has been served. Suspension earned in Cal North Cup matches carry over from one season to the next season and the suspensions earned in Cal North Cup matches may be served only during Cal North Cup matches, Region IV Championships or in US Youth Soccer National Championship Series or Presidents Cup games. NO EXCEPTIONS! Accordingly the individuals included on the  Cal North Cup Suspensions to be Served list are NOT eligible to participate in the Cal North Cup until they have served their suspension according to these requirements.

Individuals serving suspensions from league or tournament games (including District Cups) must serve their suspensions in their next Cal North game, including Cup games. When the team representative checks in the team, he/she needs to inform the Cup Official at the check-in that the team has an individual who needs to serve a suspension.

If the team has the member pass for a suspended individual in their possession, the pass must be turned in to a Cup representative at the time the team officials reports to cup staff prior to the team’s first game. The member pass will be returned to you by Cup Staff when the suspended individual has served his/her entire suspension and is eligible to participate.

If your League or District are retaining the pass until they receive confirmation that the games have been served in cup, the team must provide a form from their District or League Disciplinary Committee so that the a staff member can complete the form to verify all games served by the individual and the team can submit it to their League or District. It is important to note that allowing a suspended player or coach to participate in a Cal North Cup match prior to their suspension being served in its entirety will result in the team forfeiting any game in which that individual participated. Forfeiting one game automatically disqualifies a team from Cal North Cup and there are substantial financial penalties assessed for the forfeiture of Cal North Cup games.


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