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Welcome to the California Regional League!

Cal North is pleased to announce the consolidation of its Premier programs in the Cal North Premier Leagues

League Structure
The California Regional League - Cal North division (CRL) and the Cal North Cal Soccer League  (CCSL) will be ran under the Cal North Premier League (CNPL) with schedules and standings segregated by each league and games played by the specific league rules. 

Cross-League Options
Where needed and desired, inter-league games will be scheduled to enhance each league’s own schedule.  These games will be played on the rules of the less restrictive league

At Large Participation
Premier teams of any US Soccer Federation affiliate are welcome to sign up and participate on a-la-carte basis to compete in games against teams in both the CRL and CCSL premier leagues. 

All teams that participate using Cal North player passes as an At Large team and plays a minimum of  three (3) games, against three different oppenents during the season, qualifies for Cal North State Cup and US Youth Soccer National Champioship Series.


The California Regional League is a division of the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional League, which consists of the fourteen (14) western state associations. The US Youth Soccer Region IV Council recently voted to restructure the league into localized divisions to reduce costs, eliminate excessive travel and foster better competition.

 The Far West Regional League will be divided into three divisions comprised of

  1. The California Division: Cal South and Cal North;
  2. The Four Corners Division: New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Southern Nevada; and
  3. The Northern Division: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska and Northern Nevada.

The California Division will receive two placements in the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships. The Four Corners Division and Northern Division will each receive one position.

There are significant benefits for Cal North th teams playing in California Regional League. They will face top competition, playing the best clubs and teams within each age group in the state of California. With state-based play, there is less travel and lower costs to the players and parents. League play will be in Northern California. Travel will be local with one showcase event in Northern California and one showcase in Southern California. Teams in the California Regional League are playing for placement in the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships and qualification to the US Youth Soccer National League. The league play and showcases will mean greater exposure to U.S. Soccer National Team staff, top college coaches, Region IV ODP staff and Cal South Pro+ scouts at the two annual showcase events. 


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