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Coaching Clinics



Cal North member benefits include club/coach access to clinics provided by our DOC's (at no expense to participants). Clinics are geared towards adult education and are available for the Recreational Coach or Competitive Coach.

The objective of these free coaching clinics is to provide youth coaches with activities and advice that might enhance their practices.

A Q&A period will conclude each session and the total duration of the clinic is typically 1.5 - 2 hours. There is no exam, there are no license requirements and there is no license received for attending.

To view scheduled courses and clinics please visit the Cal North Coach Education Calendar

In order to request a clinic please contact the appropriate Director of Coaching:

Director of Coaching - Competitive
Competitive tactical topics:
  • Individual, group, and team defending-pressing
  • Tactical-technical functional training for central midfielders
  • System of play: 1-3-5-2
  • System of play: 1-4-3-3

Technical-Tactical Topics:
  • When to shoot
  • When to dribble
  • When to pass
Director of Coaching - Recreational
Paul Sapsford
Recreational and Elite Program Field Session Themes:
  • Motivational Activities for Passing and Receiving
  • Shooting
  • Individual and Group Defending
  • Crossing and Finishing
  • Dribbling
  • Moves to Beat an Opponent and Turns
  • Combination Play

In addition, feel free to request a classroom presentation on select topics indicated below:

  • Misconceptions on self-esteem
  • How coaches feedback influences players
  • How a psychologist would respond to players and parents' questions about playing time
  • Coach and player attributions and how they affect future performance
  • Should the coach or athlete focus on winning
  • Conditioning exercises with the ball
  • Distances covered by players and how this effects conditioning programs
  • Games to enhance on-field decision making skills
  • How coaches build confidence
  • Team Chemistry advice for coaches and athletes
  • Psychological skills for penalty kicks
  • Communication advice for coaches
  • Leadership training for players (and team captain's responsibilities) 
  • How to develop your coaching philosophy
  • Team rules and coach expectations
  • Pre-game and half-time advice for coaches



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