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CCSL Player Send-Off or Coach Dismissal

If a player, coach or team official is sent-off by the referee, the referee will retain the game card. 
Player, Coach or Team Official passes will be returned to a team official once the referee has verified the information on the game card.

Players who have been sent-off or Coaches and Team Officials who have been dismissed (Red Carded) shall be considered suspended from participating in CCSL matches immediately even though the team will retain the Player/Coach pass.

Players or Team Officials who participate in any CCSL match  while on suspension, may have additional penalties added to their suspension.

Teams must report any red cards when they report their scores.  Simply click on the box next to the Red “R” for the team that had the red card and click the add button. You do not need to provide the player’s name.

Once a referee send-off report has been filed and the PAD has issued a suspension, a player’s name will appear on future Game Cards, but will be lined out in red, indicating ineligibility, until the suspension has been served.
You can also review player misconduct summaries for your division by clicking the misconduct icon on the Gotsoccer schedules.


To review suspensions, Log in to your Gotsoccer team account and Click “Player Suspensions” on the black Bar. A list of any player suspensions in the system will be displayed.
You can also review player misconduct summaries for your division by clicking the misconduct icon on the Gotsoccer schedules.


Club administrators can review Referee send-off reports that are filed on the system for any game that involved one of their teams. The Club administrator will receive an email notification that a send-off report has been filed and another email containing the Send-off report details when the submission is approved by an administrator.

The report and suspensions will also be available within you Gotsoccer Club account. Log in to your Club account and click on the Club Tab. A list of any Send-Off reports will be listed under Forms & Requests.

You can review Player Suspensions by clicking the Club Tab, then Players on the back bar, then suspensions on the Grey Bar.

The list will give you the Player and suspension details and will note any CCSL games where suspensions have been served. The Player will be lined out to note ineligibility on the Game Cards until enough game scores have been posted on the system to satisfy the suspension.

The Gotsoccer system does not track Coach suspensions yet. Club administrators will be notified of and coach or team official suspensions. It will be the responsibility of the Club to ensure that a coach serves their suspensions. Coaches found to participate while under suspension will be subject to additional penalties.

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