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CCSL Procedures

ARTICLE ONE: Application

  1. The CYSA California State League (CCSL) shall post the calendar with application, bracketing, scheduling and competition dates for each league season (fall, winter and spring) on the CCSL website.
  2. The application requires teams to designate their District, Registration League and Club along with team name and two independent contacts on the application.
  3. Teams shall comply with all registration requirements and deadlines established by CCSL, their Registration League and District.
  4. Teams shall complete the CCSL application by the CCSL application deadline. The Section Director (for teams applying to Section) or CCSL Director (for Region or Premier) shall have sole discretion to accept late applications.  Teams submitting late applications may be required to pay a late application fee. 
  5. Prior to the bracketing deadline, as posted on the CCSL website, each team’s Registration League must verify the following:
    1. The team is in "good standing" with CYSA-Cal North and their Registration League.
    2. The team has completed Cal North registration of the minimum number of players established by the Registration League.
    3. The team has the minimum number of returning players to establish "returning team" status for purposes of bracketing.  See below for "returning team" definition.
    4. The official Cal North roster shall be entered and maintained on the CCSL website; the CCSL roster is required to match the official Cal North roster ("goldenrod") at all times.
    5. Teams that are not verified by their Registration League by the posted deadline shall not be bracketed in CCSL.
  6. Teams that have not paid the CCSL Team Application fees as established by their Cal North District by the posted deadline shall not be bracketed.
  7. CCSL shall accept teams from any Cal North District and Registration League in good standing with Cal North.
  8. Teams shall play both a balanced "home" and "away" schedule wherever possible. However, the Section or CCSL Director may require teams that reside outside of the location of the rest of the bracket to play all of their games "away," or on Central Fields.  Such teams may have "double-header" weekends to minimize their travel and will be required to pay for referees and fields for the designated half of their games, regardless of location.  The Section or CCSL Director shall establish fees for Central and Neutral fields and referees and fees for fields and referees for teams required to play a greater portion of their games "away."
  9. See CCSL Calendar for the schedule for refunds.

ARTICLE TWO: Levels of Play

  1. CCSL shall provide competition for boys and girls teams from U9 through U19.
  2. CCSL shall offer three levels of play: State, Region, and Section. The State level shall consist of a single State Premier bracket. The Regional levels shall consist of up to two divisions per age group within each region. The Sectional levels will consist of the remaining competitive divisions.
      1. Administered by a Premier Coordinator (PC)--one for Boys and one for Girls.
      2. U14 through U19 (Boys and Girls); U18 and U19 may be combined.
      3. Goal: 6 to 11 teams per age and gender.
      4. CCSL may provide and require Central Fields for some matches in order to reduce travel time, expense, and to ensure an appropriate referee pool. An additional CCSL fee may be required for teams that play on Central Fields.
      5. Premier teams shall be bracketed without consideration for the distance between cities where the teams are based
      6. U15, U16, and U17 Premier teams that finish first or second in the fall league shall participate in the California State Premier North-South Championships; travel funds stipends shall be provided by CCSL when the event is in Southern California.  The CCSL Executive Board shall determine the amount fortravel stipends.   Any team that fails to participate in the California State Premier North-South Championship shall incur a $500 fine and/or other disciplinary action.
    2. REGIONS – (Valley and Bay Regions)
      1. Each Regional Age Group shall be administered by the Regional Age Group Coordinator (AGC) who shall work closely with the Section AGCs.
      2. Regional Coordinators (RCs) shall represent the regions on the CCSL Committee.
      3. U12 through U19 (Boys and Girls); U18 and U19 may be combined.
      4. Goal: Gold and Silver Elite divisions at all ages provided there are sufficient teams of similar ability to create competitive divisions.
      5. Goal: 6 to 11 teams per bracket.
      6. CCSL may provide and require Central Fields for some matches in order to reduce travel time, expense, and to ensure an appropriate referee pool. An additional CCSL fee may be required for teams that play on Central Fields.
    3. SECTION
      1. The number of sections will depend upon the number and location of teams. 
      2. The Section Directors shall appoint Section AGCs.
      3. The Section Directors will represent the sections on the CCSL Committee by the Section Directors.
      4. Goal: teams from U9 to U19 (Boys and Girls); 6-12 teams per bracket.
      5. Goal: sufficient brackets to provide appropriate competition for all teams.
      6. Goal: no more than Twelve (12) teams in each bracket.
      7. Brackets will be formed with consideration for the travel distance between the cities where the teams are based. Travel distance and skill level will take precedence over District or Registration League when creating brackets.

ARTICLE THREE: Bracketing Guidelines

  1. CCSL shall establish playing divisions that provide the appropriate level of competition for all participating teams. To achieve this goal, CCSL shall utilize the following criteria: 
  2. Returning teams are defined as those teams returning after participating in the previous CCSL fall season with a minimum of seven (7) returning players.
  3. Returning teams will be seeded based on results from the previous fall season, including the team’s final standing and match results (head to head competition).
  4. All other teams (teams that are not defined as "returning teams" according to 3.A.1) shall be seeded by the Section or Region AGC or PC.
  5. U12 is the only age where spring results may be considered, as spring is the first season for 11v11 play.

ARTICLE FOUR: Promotion and Relegation

  1. Promotion and relegation between brackets within a Region or Section shall be automatic.  The top returning team in each bracket of less than 10 teams will be automatically promoted to the next division (copper to bronze, bronze to silver, etc.) and the bottom returning team in each bracket of less than 10 teams shall automatically be relegated.  In brackets of 10 or more the top two teams shall automatically be promoted and the bottom two shall automatically be relegated.
    1. The Region Age Group Coordinator (AGC) or Premier Coordinator (PC) will have the flexibility to promote or relegate or add new teams, as needed, to form competitive brackets and/or fill out the brackets within the divisions.
    2. Automatically promoted teams may not refuse promotion; AGCs will consider special circumstances, such as significant roster changes or disciplinary history, including forfeits, when making final recommendations.
    3. Automatic promotion and relegation is at the discretion of the Section Director for U11 and younger teams.
  2. Promotion and Relegation Between Levels of Play (Section, Region and State Premier)
    1. In brackets of 10 or more, the bottom two State Premier teams shall be relegated to a Region. In brackets of less than 10, the bottom team shall be relegated.
    2. In brackets of 10 or more in the Region, the bottom two teams from the lowest Region bracket shall be relegated to a Section.  In brackets of less than 10, the bottom team shall be relegated. 
    3. In order to promote teams between Divisions (Section, Region, State Premier) to replace teams that are relegated, a playoff may be held at the end of each fall season to establish the order of promotion.
      1. The first and second place teams in Bay Gold play the first and second place teams in Valley Gold in a two game playoff on the North-South tournament weekend.  The first place Bay team shall play the second place Valley team and vice versa, then the winners and losers play each other.  The Section may utilize the same procedure to establish an order of promotion to Region.
      2. The playoff format and rules will be established by the CCSL Director but no guest players will be allowed and ties will be determined by extra time then PKs in accordance to Cal North tournament rules.
      3. In Sections where there are multiple brackets, the Section has discretion to utilize a playoff format to determine promotion and relegation.
      4. The CCSL Committee may add brackets when sufficient teams representing a similar level of play submit applications. These new brackets will be incorporated in the promotion and relegation between divisions as described above.

ARTICLE FIVE: Bracketing Procedures

  1. Each team shall be responsible for complying with all deadlines contained in the attached CCSL Calendar.
  2. The following procedures pertain to Region and State Premier; Sections may establish a different procedure and timeline.
  3. The CCSL Calendar shall indicate the date when the Region and Premier Brackets will be posted online as "preliminary placements"
  4. Premier and Region Brackets shall remain preliminary through the comment period as posted in the CCSL Calendar. Until that time, brackets may change often as the AGCs respond to comments; teams are responsible for keeping track as revisions are posted.
  5. Brackets are developed with several goals in mind: team request, number of teams, and geography. Please review your bracket, with respect to the teams you are grouped with, not the name of the bracket.
  6. CCSL invites bracket feedback. Please email feedback directly to the appropriate PC or AGC (addresses on the CCSL website).  Ask your Club or Registration League for assistance.  Teams must include full team name as well as complete contact information for two independent contacts.
  7. The CCSL Calendar shall indicate the date when the Region and Premier Brackets will be posted online as "adjusted placements" along with the Challenge Process timeline and procedures.  A Challenge is where one team identifies a team in the higher bracket that the team feels that they are more deserving of the spot in the higher bracket.   Any team may challenge for inclusion in any of the Region or State Premier brackets (e.g., a Section team may challenge for inclusion in Region and a Region team may challenge for inclusion in State Premier).
  8. Challenge Process:
    1. Teams are responsible for providing information to the AGC or PC for challenge.  A challenge shall be in the following format:
    2. To: Appropriate Region or Section AGC or PC as listed on the CCSL website.
    3. Copy:
    4. Copy: your Club and/or Registration League and/or District CCSL Rep
    5. Subject: Challenge by (team name, gender, age).
    6. Body: Challenge must include the name of team being challenged (only one team may be challenged), and any pertinent information including: head-to-head results or major team personnel changes that would support the bracket change.  Challenges without supporting documentation shall be denied. 
    7. The PC or AGC shall provide a copy of the challenge document to the team being challenged and request further information from both teams.
    8. The team being challenged may submit a counter-challenge to another team in the initial bracket in case the challenge is upheld.  The PC or AGC shall also inform the counter-challenged team and request further information.  The counter-challenged team may only defend the challenge and may not counter-challenge an additional team.
    9. All challenges and counter-challenges shall be presented in writing and shall comply with all published procedures and deadlines.
    10. The day prior to final division placement meeting, each PC and Region AGC shall submit, via email, his or her final recommendation, including recommended resolution of all challenges and counter-challenges, to the CCSL Executive Committee.
    11. The CCSL Director shall provide a common format for the recommendations.
  9. Final division placement meeting
    1. Each PC and Region AGC shall present his or her final brackets with a brief explanation of the recommendations. This explanation shall include any challenges and counter-challenges as well as the basis of their recommendation.  AGCs need not be present and may provide a written report.
    2. District Representatives shall be allowed three minutes to speak on behalf of any of their District’s teams named in the challenge or counter-challenge.
    3. Each bracket shall be approved individually by a motion by any member of the CCSL Executive Committee and by a majority vote of the Executive Committee present, adhering to CCSL by-laws with regard to parliamentary procedure.
    4. Bracket placements shall be final and only subject to appeal if a Registration League representative can demonstrate that the bracket placement process was materially breached.
    5. Decisions of the CCSL Executive Committee for the State and Region brackets regarding division placement of teams are final and not subject to appeal. Decisions of the Section Boards regarding the division placement of their Section teams are final and not subject to appeal.

ARTICLE SIX: Scheduling

  1. The purpose of these Scheduling Guidelines is to allow teams to plan for a full season of games and to allow Leagues and Clubs to efficiently schedule fields and referees. 
  2. The Fall Region and Premier season will begin no later than the first Saturday after Labor Day and end no later than the first weekend in December. U14 and above shall end no later than the second weekend in November.  It is CCSL’s intention to provide eight (8) to twelve (12) scheduled matches per season. CCSL may open fall season prior to Labor Day.
  3. Teams shall enter a number of "black-out" dates prior to the published deadline; these dates will be utilized when creating the bracket schedule.  The number shall be limited and complete instructions, including the number of allowable blackout dates, shall be published after bracketing is completed.  Black-out dates might include major religious holidays, testing dates, or tournament weekends.
  4. The Scheduling Coordinator, in consultation with the PCs and AGCs shall create the bracket schedules.  All possible play dates, including tournament weekends, shall be considered and blackout dates shall be honored where reasonable or possible (e.g. if it is impossible to schedule two teams because one team can’t play on any Saturday and the other team cannot play on any Sunday, a solution will have to be found and that might include playing mid-week or on one team’s "blackout day" but this will be avoided where possible).
  5. Preliminary schedules shall be posted for comment (e.g., balance for home and away and honoring blackout dates).  Teams, Clubs or Leagues of Registration may submit comments to: the appropriate Scheduling Coordinator.  The Scheduling Coordinator shall review all comments and post the final bracket schedules.
  6. Each Section may establish its own schedule of play dates, scheduling procedure and scheduling timeline.
  7. Premier and Region Match locations and times shall be entered into the CCSL website management program prior to the posted deadline.  CCSL may authorize Registration Leagues to perform this function and Registration Leagues may authorize Clubs to perform this function and Clubs may authorize teams to perform this function.  AGCs and PCs will monitor schedules and assist teams as necessary.
  8. Clubs and teams shall consider travel time for visiting teams when creating schedules; teams shall not be expected to depart prior to 7:00am to arrive thirty (30) minutes in advance of game time (e.g., a team that has a two (2) hour travel time to a game should not be scheduled prior to 9:30am (e.g., depart at 7:00am to arrive at 9:00am for a 9:30am game).

ARTICLE SEVEN: Reschedules

  1. The CCSL Committee supports teams rescheduling matches by mutual agreement and expects a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect among teams with regard to scheduling. The "black-out" dates feature (above) allows teams to plan a schedule that should not require reschedules. 
  2. Teams may mutually agree on any reschedule for any reason provided:
    1. The reschedule is approved by both teams and complies with any home team field and referee assignor procedures.  Home team Club or League or Central Field Scheduler shall be copied on the correspondence between teams.
    2. The date, time and location are accurately published on the CCSL website prior to 9pm seven (7) days in advance of the originally scheduled match.  This provision is designed to minimize disruption for families, field and referee schedulers.
  3. Valid reasons for a reschedule without mutual agreement (as defined in 7.B. above) after the schedules are final shall be:
    1. Inclement weather.
    2. Field unplayable, as determined by the club or league field scheduler.
    3. Field unexpectedly unavailable, as determined by the club or league field scheduler.
    4. After the "black-out" submission deadline, a team is accepted into a sanctioned USYS or US Club weekend tournament or USYS event.
    5. ODP State tryouts.
  4. Teams shall work to find a mutual date for games being rescheduled under 7.C. Home team will supply three dates and times and away team must select one. 
  5. The AGC or PC shall have authority to resolve any conflict over rescheduling.
  6. Central or Neutral Field reschedules may have more restrictive rules and teams may incur additional financial penalties for reschedules (see Central and Neutral Field Scheduling below).

ARTICLE EIGHT: Forfeits, Abandoned & Terminated Matches

  1. All teams are expected to complete all of their scheduled matches during the season.
  2. When a match is not played during the season, CCSL will respond.  The instigating team is the team that cannot appear, will not appear or has not appeared for a scheduled match. The instigating team could also be a team with unacceptable player, team staff or spectator behavior. The instigating team could also be the team that does not provide appropriate referees or field and equipment as defined in the Playing Rules.  The aggrieved team is the scheduled opponent of an instigating team.
  3. CCSL will encourage or require the teams to reschedule or replay the match.   When a match is rescheduled or replayed, the instigating team is responsible for referee and field fees.  
  4. The CCSL Director and Section Directors shall have sole discretion to require that a match be played and the location of the match. 
  5. The CCSL Director and Section Directors shall have sole discretion to award a forfeit and penalties for any team that does not play a scheduled match, or for abandoned or terminated matches.  The CCSL Director or Section Director may request a PAD (Protest, Appeal and Discipline) committee to assist with these decisions.
  6. Decisions related to forfeits, abandoned or terminated matches may be appealed following procedures established in the CCSL By-Laws.
  7. Decisions shall be reported to both teams and may include one or more of the following:
    1. Allowing the match result to stand.
    2. Awarding a "no game."
    3. Awarding a 0-2 loss to the instigating team.
    4. Awarding a loss of three (-3) points in the standings.
    5. Assessment of an $85 fine (to recover some of the cost incurred by the home team for referees and fields); fines shall be billed by Cal North to the Registration League of the instigating team and will be forwarded to the Registration League of the aggrieved team.
    6. Requiring the team to post a bond of $500 to allow a team to register for a future season.
    7. Declaring the team ineligible for promotion.
    8. Additional penalties for teams that demonstrate a willful disregard for fulfilling the obligations of the CCSL schedule.
  8. The referee and or the team staff will report the circumstances in a format defined by the Regional or Premier Referee Administrators.   Representations by the referee are not binding on CCSL.   CCSL shall determine whether a referee abandoned or terminated a match and if the match will be rescheduled, replayed or forfeited.   Neither the referee nor the team staff members shall award or agree to a forfeit.  

ARTICLE NINE: Central and Neutral Field Scheduling

  1. CCSL may provide Central Fields to reduce travel time and distances. The CCSL Committee will provide instructions to teams, clubs and leagues during the schedule comment period.
  2. Cal North District Commissioners may decide to host Regional and / or Premier level home matches at neutral field sites and / or designate a Neutral Referee Assignor in order to allow for scheduling of multiple matches at a single location or provide for a more consistent level of officiating.  The procedures for implementation and payment of field and referee fees shall be the responsibility of the District Commissioner.
  3. Teams may agree to play at home, rather than at Central or Neutral Fields, provided that both teams agree to the "home" location and the Central or Neutral Field scheduler is notified prior to 9pm Monday evening of the first week of play. 
  4. After the rescheduling deadline, teams will play at the agreed-upon Central or Neutral location on the approved date or may be required pay $75 per team per match to offset the cost of field rental and referee fees.
  5. The Final Central and Neutral Field Scheduling Procedures for each season shall be determined by the CCSL Executive Board and published on the CCSL website prior to the close of the schedule comment period.

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